Monday, June 8, 2015

Solo Backpacking Trip...Its Happening.

Hi All,

The past few weeks, I have found myself feeling an inner itchiness and yearning.  I am tired of waking up every day, going to work in a day care, where I essentially change diapers assembly line style and corral toddlers all day.  Then rushing off to tutor English after work, or twice a week racing to German class, often seeing a friend at some point in my evening, and then going to the gym a few nights every week, etc.

I know that a fairly large part of life consists of daily routine like this and that there is nearly no avoiding this.

The "seeing friends" part of my life is actually always a fulfilling and happy part of my day though, as well as the tutoring children in English (I tutor four different children, all of whom I like very much.  We go, sit in a cafe together, or outside if the weather allows, and talk in English or play English games or read an English book.  I always love this).  And I always feel great after the gym.  Energetic, confident and happy.  I also love going home and cooking dinner for myself, and then relaxing in my room where I write on my blog, or read my book, or work on other various projects.

So I suppose its more the nature of my work (I need something more fulfilling, interesting and fun), that my routine needs a bit of a shake-up, and not traveling quite as much as I would like to, that are causing me to feel a slight sensation of ants-in-my-pants.  I am looking to up my travel ante ;-)

As of now, I would say that I average one trip somewhere, maybe twice per year.  I would like to up this to four trips per year.

Some of these can be small trips over the course of a long weekend.  And it doesn't always have to be outside of Germany either.  There is plenty more I would love to see in Germany as well (Berlin...Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria...Rugen Island...Bamberg...Cochem...).  But in general, a huge part of the reason I came here to live in Europe was to TRAVEL!!!  To go on adventures.  To allow my wanderlust to take me to all sorts of new, magical, exciting places.  I have always found Europe to be a place that draws me, fills me with feelings of excitement and anticipation.  And I have gone on some adventures while I have been over here.  But not as much as I would like to.  Partly because my merger salary doesn't easily allow this.  But another part of it being because I haven't taken the bull by the horns and just made it happen more.

I am looking to upgrade the level of adventure in my life in the very near future.  So here goes :-D  This is my next big travel goal/plan.

Next spring or summer, 2016 (whenever my vacation time allows), I am going to embark on a backpacking trip within Europe.  This is something that is on my "life list."  The exact wording being "to backpack through Europe for at least 3 weeks minimum at one time, with someone I love."  We will see where and how the "someone I love" factors into it...

Maybe this will be a totally solo trip, and the person along for the ride whom I love will be myself (as well as all the cool people I will meet along the way.  Which yes, that is a purpose of this particular trip.  To have a blast and make lots of fellow travel buddies and meet other adventurers).  Or maybe some wonderful friends will join me during parts of my travels, or even for the entire trip, along the way.

As of now, my stops/itinerary will include: Portugal, Spain, France and Belgium.

The Algarve in Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

Barcelona, Spain

Normandy, France (St. Michel)

Paris, France

Villefranche Sur Mer, France (on the French Riviera)

Bruges, Belgium

As of right now, these are the definite places on my list.  But as I begin to plan the itinerary, I am sure a few more will be added, and maybe even one or two might be subtracted, we will see.

(I would LOVE to include Italy as well, but that doesn't make much sense when tacked on to the itinerary with the other four places I have selected).

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