Monday, March 21, 2016

And Yet, Relationships Sometimes Circle Back Around.

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So now, with all of that being said in my previous blog entry (regarding the acceptance of the natural progression of relationships, allowing them to evolve as they may and when/if the time comes, letting go with grace rather then clinging.  See here for a refresher of that entry), I offer Part Two of that previous entry.  A devils advocate point of view, a footnote of sorts.

While relationships (much like all things in life) follow a natural cycle of evolving, blossoming and then often receeding/coming to a close, they can certainly cycle back around too.  After a separation, a relational ending, a death of sorts really, the relationship (whether platonic or romantic) can of course cycle back around and reblossom at some point once again.  This is assuming there was growth and change that occured on both sides.  This is very possible.  And it does happen.
The trick, again, is in not forcing it.

There is a natural progression to life, to the world around us (seasons, nature, the life cycle of animals), a natural cycle of growth and decay of the human body, a natural cycle to relationships, etc.  This cycle is a part of all things in that they spark with life, grow, bloom and then eventually wither.  However, after something dies, it can cycle back around and rebloom once again.  The only constant in life is change.

It is when we cling to things, trying to force them, that we end up feeling added pain, stress and anger within ourselves and in our life, much moreso then we would if we were able to learn to let go and to trust, in regards to natural timing.  If we instead allowed things to change and evolve as they may.

Relationships with family and friends are fluid, they move through ebbs and peaks, they flow in what is certainly not a linear straight line.  Sometimes even to a degree that at certain points in our life, being close with some of these people is not right for us, depending on the nature of the relationship and our life situation then.  This can be a permanent change, but it can also just be a temporary one.

People have great difficulty in accepting change in general.  The majority with us struggle with allowing these changes in relationships without clinging, without feeling fear or anger, without totally freaking out.  Learn to tolerate and trust in these changes, while still loving these people and keeping the possability of them remaining within your life an open one.

Because when you allow things to evolve, change and grow naturally in the way they need to, they sometimes have a way of cycling back around.  When you try to force something, confine something or cling, the opposite will occur.  That person or thing will run, will be repelled, the relationship will die even faster.

Let it be.

The People to whom we have been especially close to in our lives and those we have loved the most, they remain in our minds and hearts for a reason.  Because there arent so many people that touch us like that within each of our lives.  There arent so many people to whom we deeply connect with and love fiercely.  We are touched deeply, especially emotionally affected by and grow very close to a limited number of people during the course of our own lives.  There are not hundreds of people who truly touch our souls with such depth.  We can usually count these people on one or two hands.  Often times even less.  That is why they are so special and have such an impact on us.  Its why they remain in the whispering background of our hearts even as the years continue to pass.

And that is why things can also circle back around.  Because of the power and depth of what those relationships and people were to each other.  It all comes back to my previous point:  allowing things to be what they are.  Instead of fearful clinging, listen to your heart and let go when you know you should.

When things are able to evolve and change as they may, it will still feel sad, we will still feel loss, yet we can feel happier, freer, less dependent, and more open to all of lifes possabilites, which are infinite.  We are less thrown and emotionally tossed off kilter when things do change.  We are more emotionally stable, happier, self reliant and thus can have closer relationships with others.  You never know what can happen when you are brave, accepting, honest with yourself and open to the fact that all is impermanent and things are constantly shifting, changing, growing and evolving.

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