Monday, May 22, 2017

Moving Sale! Books...Dishes...the works!

Hi all :-D

With my upcoming, impending move overseas, sadly this entails my having to sell much of what I own (as carrying it all along with me home would be insanely expensive).  The hardest part will of course (for me) be giving up the books, closely followed by the few lovely dishes. 

Below, I have listed everything I am offering up for sale. 

Assuming you live in the Frankfurt area, send me an email (if you are a friend and have my email) or if not, if viewing this in a Facebook Group post, shoot me a private Facebook message.  Within the email/message, please let me know which specific item(s) you would like and we can arrange a time and place to meet!

A collection of charming, oh so cute jars in various sizes.  These are awesome for serving up sauces, syrups or honey along with dinner or brunch.  A few of them can also double as drinking glasses.  Also awesome for storing jam in :-)

I would ask for 7 euro for the set of all (five jars).

Two pretty bowls, ideal size for soups, fruit or oatmeal.  I would ask 6 euro for the set of two.

This is what you could use it for!

I LOVE this cutting board.  I would be taking it with me if it were lighter in weight.  Its gorgeous.  Solid wood, heavy, smooth, looks brand new.  I bought it at Depot, I think it cost me around 10 euro.  I would ask for 5 euro for it.  Awesome for serving up brunch on, or for using as its intended purpose ;-) your call.

Now, onto the books...

Books cost 4 euro each, unless a different price is listed next to the picture.

(Go to and look up a book to read the synopsis.  I only purchase books I really love, that I find to be truly excellent reads.  So I can personally vouch for all of these and say that each of them are worthwhile and fantastic reads.  If they didn't weigh so much, I would be bringing most of them along with me).

 This book costs 3 euro, as there is some writing and highlighting in it.

 This book costs 6 euro.

 This book costs 6 euro.

 This book costs 5 euro.

 This book costs 5 euro.

 This book costs 5 euro.

 This book costs 6 euro

 This book costs 6 euro.

 This book costs 3 euro, as its quite small.

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