Saturday, March 5, 2016

Weekly a few other fun ones.

Yummy café!!!  In Limburg.

Check out the building on the right...what is painted on the front.  SO cool.

Pumpkin Mighty Good Pancakes!!!!  Mmmmmmm.

With peanut butter!!!

Plus a few fun photos from the past couple of years, which were sent to me via friends and family over Whatsapp :-D
I particularly liked these ones.

At my first job here in Frankfurt, with one of my favorite children.  Helping him build a block tower :-D

My brother, Spencer and his girlfriend, Kalah :-)

YIKES!!!!  NOT an awesome photo of me.  But a fun blast from the past, nonetheless.  We were 20 years old in this photo!!!  With my friend, Ashley.  And we are still friends to this day :-) how cool. 

Out on the playground, at my first job here in Germany.  Loved her.

Love this one of my Mom ;-p

With Ashley :-D

Some of my BFFs :-D  Judith, Alex and Ashley.

Bug!!!!  <3 My little love bug.

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