Saturday, March 5, 2016

Weekly a few other fun ones.

Yummy cafĂ©!!!  In Limburg.

Check out the building on the right...what is painted on the front.  SO cool.

Pumpkin Mighty Good Pancakes!!!!  Mmmmmmm.

With peanut butter!!!

Plus a few fun photos from the past couple of years, which were sent to me via friends and family over Whatsapp :-D
I particularly liked these ones.

At my first job here in Frankfurt, with one of my favorite children.  Helping him build a block tower :-D

My brother, Spencer and his girlfriend, Kalah :-)

YIKES!!!!  NOT an awesome photo of me.  But a fun blast from the past, nonetheless.  We were 20 years old in this photo!!!  With my friend, Ashley.  And we are still friends to this day :-) how cool. 

Out on the playground, at my first job here in Germany.  Loved her.

Love this one of my Mom ;-p

With Ashley :-D

Some of my BFFs :-D  Judith, Alex and Ashley.

Bug!!!!  <3 My little love bug.

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