Monday, October 21, 2013

Photo expose: Prague during Autumn

Hi All,

I realize it's been a bit of a hiatus since I have written a blog entry.  I had an interview today at 2pm.  During my interview, I had to teach my first demo lesson ever.  This was very nerve racking!  I taught the grammar point regarding when one would use "at" "in" and "on" in relation to talking about time.  My interviewer said the lesson was great, that she really liked both the lesson and me.  She will be getting back to me as of Thursday this week.  So that went really well!  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

I also have an additional interview this week on Wednesday at a preschool.  I believe I mentioned this preschool in my last blog entry.  Having sent along my CV to them but I had assumed I would not hear anything back from them.  This preschool is a really nice one, in a gorgeous part of Prague.  And with a very small staff, plus they were not advertising about hiring at all, I was sure I wouldn't hear back from them but I applied just for the heck of it, just in case.  I was shocked when I got a response offering me an interview!

This interview was supposed to take place last week.  This is where the story gets embarrassing.  My friend came along with me.  I had written down the directions from  Google projected the total trip would take us about 25 minutes.  My interview was scheduled for 3pm.  We left at 2pm allotting one hour to get there, just to be extra safe.  We were still walking around searching for it at 3:45pm!!!  This was TERRIBLE.  I was beside myself with how upset and disappointed I felt.  We had stopped people on the street and asked them (to no avail), even borrowed a kind passerby's phone and re googled it.  Nothing.

The second I got home, I emailed the school something to the effect of telling them what had happened, mentioned how interested in their school I was, apologizing deeply and asking for another chance.  I called the next day and spoke to the headmaster on the phone, basically telling her the same thing.  To my surprise and relief, she was incredibly kind and understanding.  She said absolutely.  So I am going back for an interview this Wend!  And I will be scoping it out way ahead of time.  That will NOT be happening again ha ha.

In other news, my one-on-one business is going well.  I am continuing to meet with my 7 clients with an 8th potential who I am meeting with this week.  I enjoy it very much.  The creativity of being able to choose fun topics, the slight improvisation of it, the more social feel of a one on one as opposed to a classroom, and the higher pay of course.  Ideally I would like to combine this with a part time regular job!

We will see what happens with my interviews this week!!!

Tonight I am heading over to my cooking buddy's new apartment where we will cook dinner together.  This week the dish is macaroni and cheese (which is AMAZING since that is literally my favorite dinner food on the face of the earth).

And now for my Autumn photo expose of Prague:

"Go out on a limb. That's where the fruit is." -- Jimmy Carter

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