Thursday, April 17, 2014

Must Have European Experiences

  • Zipping through a romantic European city via Vespa.  Ideally I am the one driving!  And in an outfit this cute, sexy and stylish ;-)

  • Bicycle rides through a number of cities this beautiful, charming and haunting.  And there is something even better about bicycling by night.  The city is quiet, the wind is whispering, the buildings are glowing (either by moonlight or streetlamps).  You have the city to yourself.

  • Lots of so-European cafe-sitting, tea drinking and people watching.  Also the requisite pastry accompanying my tea is of course, a must.  I could while away hours doing this, with the right person.

  • Many more train rides.  LOVE train rides through Europe.  Relaxing, scenic, charming, fantastic.  Nothing else like it.  I always feel butterflies in my stomach, and the excitement that I am heading off on an adventure!!

  • I must see more of Italy.  Ideally Florence once more and the Amalfi Coast for the first time.  Also the countryside of Tuscany.
Amalfi Coast

Florence, my favorite city in the world.  Where I studied abroad!!


  • The French Riviera.  Looks incredibly relaxing, sun-soaked and filled with colorful beauty.  I picture lying on the sandy, people-packed beaches all day, the sun warming my body, a great novel in my hand that is so good it causes the hours to slip by, unnoticed.  I might take a few breaks, walk around a bit, snap some photos or go for a swim.  The evenings would consist of delicious seafood dinners and walks on the cool beach once the sun has set.

  • Greece.  I can picture myself here, sitting in one of the cafes with some Greek appetizers on the table, a light, cool drink in my hand, someone I am close to (could be a romantic or platonic someone) accompanying me and the sun setting off on the horizon, casting a glow on the water and across the white buildings.

  • Belgium.  Looks so medieval and old, really charming and pretty.  Love this.  I long to bicycle through this city.  And then taste the famous Belgium beer and chocolate.  Supposed to be some of the best in the world!

  • Would LOVE to ski the Swiss Alps!  Reminds me a bit of New England actually ;-) Except here the Matterhorn dominates the background.  So bad-ass.  I can only fathom the thrill of whizzing down these slopes.

  • I would just love to learn how to bake authentic French chocolate croissants (my friend, Francine, who is French, tells me the recipe is supposed to be incredibly difficult, but I am ready for it).  Then I would be completely armed and ready to rock for any brunch with friends in the future.

  • Paris once more.  One of my favorite cities ever.  It has everything.  Glamour, history, romance, old, mysterious, excitement, so much to do, delicious pastries, beautiful panorama views.

  • Berlin for a few days.  Supposed to be one of the top cities in Europe to visit!  And I have heard its one of the surprisingly affordable ones.  A good friend of mine, Leanne, studied abroad here and has offered to direct me to all the best spots :-D

  • Visit the tulip fields in the Netherlands.  Spellbinding isn't it!?  Just, wow.

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