Friday, August 18, 2017

Weekly Wanderings in New England

A smattering of photos from my wanderings, experiences and days in the time Ive been back in the US  (just a couple days shy of being two weeks).

Pancakes and some excellent philosophical reading :-D

Pumpkin Tumeric Pancakes.  The bomb diggity.  Try em.  You wont be disappointed.  I promise.  In fact, you'll likely be hooked.

This would be Sid.  My sister and her roommates dog.  Look at that face, my god.  Quite possibly the biggest goof I've ever met.  Love him.

Breakfast on the dock with my mom :-D

Alex and Sarah <3

Summer Squash Quinoa entrée.  So yum.  Light.  Healthy.  Rich in flavor.  Easy to make.  Delish.

Paleo Cinnamon Zucchini Bread!  The batter above.  The finished product here.  Grain free, dairy free and sugar free.  Here's the recipe.

Lake life <3

Our home :-)

Hampton Beach in New Hampshire.  Despite being slightly trashy, worn and just with a generally dirty sheen to its atmosphere, there is also a charm and nostalgia to the main promenade through town.  The arcades and old style shops.  The hoards of people strolling.  The flashing lights haha.  Something akin to a mini oceanside Vegas.  This beach is childhood for me.  Coming here a lot while growing up :-)

Hampton Beach

Hampton Beach.  Will you look at that sky!

Hampton Beach.

Totally fabulous fun getting lessons from my moms dancin friend, in front of oh, maybe 200 people.  Right in the Hampton Beach Bandstand area ;-)

This night was a total blast :-D

Robert Alberta Tyrone.  Or, for short (in my words), Robert.  For short in my moms, Tyrone ;-).  The cuddliest little guy.

Tea from my favorite Frankfurt Café, Sugar Mama <3 missing it.  A gift from my friend, Amira :-).  Drinking this daily out of a mug that reminds me of all the adventures still waiting.  A gift from my friend, Alex :-)

Robert wants to sample the tea as well ;-)

My brother, Spencer and me :-).  He is the best.

With Spencer, down in Boston on his night of arrival (August 10).  He flew over from Michigan to surprise me!

Awesome little get together/celebration with some of my favorite people <3.  A cut throat and gut busting game of Cards Against Humanities commenced soon after this meal ;-) so great.

Boston! <3.  My mom and Spencer just ahead while I take photos.

Boston Harbor.



A snippet of summery Boston nightlight.

Gorgeous, seaside Boston.

Boston seaside happenings.

And, back to our humble little abode on the lake.  My sister on the dock, retrieving ice cream from the ice cream boat!!!  How sweet and adorable is this!?  No joke, an ice cream boat.  They tool around on the lake on sunny afternoons, their tiny boat bell tinkling, looking for waving customers to whom they bring ice creams!!

There goes the ice cream boat!

A slightly gray, chillier, dark day on the lake.  Check out the dudes on the boat.  Loons.  The guardians of Pleasant Lake ;-).  They commence on this exact boat, like 4-7 of them, every single day.  Awesome.

Where my mom and I eat dinner most nights.

Brother and Sister <3

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