Friday, January 19, 2018

Wintery Wanderings

How pretty and lusciously lovely are these?  The best part?  Grain/gluten free, dairy free and sugar free.  And they are AWESOME:  Cakey like normal donuts, lightly sweet, moist, and easy to make.  For the recipe to these Orange Zest and Spice Donuts, go here.

Will you get a load of that mist?  That sky?  Just outside our front door and dining room windows, one enigmatic wintery morning here at home <3

Fancy schmancy drink for two in NYC at Butter Restaurant.  The food here?  To die for.  

For full details of the two days spent in NYC over Christmas...loads of photos foods and recommendations within, check out my recent blog entry here.

Christmas Eve dinner :-D.  Three favorite foods = heaven.  Salmon, homemade macaroni and cheese, and green beans.  Mmmmmm.

Whimsical and so much fun, aren't these?  Don't worry, no dyes used in here.  The color is gotten purely from the fresh blackberries, believe it or not.  Stirred and the color, swirling to different degrees and varying shades.

For the recipe to these Blackberry White Chocolate Lavender  Scones, click here.  Delectable, easy to make, and so yummy.

A delicious, generous and immensely thoughtful gift from two lovely ladies in my life :-D I am so lucky to have these two as friends.

Our living room during December <3

Our annual Christmas cookies.  My moms infamous shortbread/sugar cookie recipe, and quintessential Christmas gingerbread.

The above and next few photos, skiing!!!  Such a blast :-D

My mom and me.

Looks awesome.  Added to my perpetually growing "to read" list.

Winter wonderland outside our home/on our street. <3

My absolute favorite spot to be in the house, all throughout December.

Low fat, low sugar, healthier dessert trifle.  Tasting it, you would never guess it so.  With vanilla pudding, grain free gingerbread and dark berries (blue and black), so yummy.  For the recipe, here is the link.

Gingerbread, the quintessential winter cookie.  This recipe is just as good as the traditional one but without grains/gluten, as well as being quite low in sugar.  Melt-in-your-mouth, sweet, spicy, delicious.  My new favorite gingerbread recipe.  It just might become yours too. 

Here is how to make it.

This dish is vegan, nearly raw, super healthy and loaded with good for your body ingredients.  A quinoa bowl with beets, spinach, mushroom and either balsamic or pesto (your choose).  So yummy, you will hardly know that what you're eating is in fact awesome for you.

What dessert pairing is better than chocolate and mint?  Not many, Ill tell ya.  These brownies are fudgy, rich, lightly sweet and absolutely delectable.  And yet, they are grain/gluten free, and nearly sugar free.  Toss them together in minutes.  Here is the recipe.

Be still my heart.  This kale salad is one of the best I have ever eaten in my life, and that's saying a lot, because to my mind, salad leaves little room for one to be impressed.  Its just lettuce and vegetables, not usually anything mind blowing or especially flavorful.  This salad shatters all those usual impressions though.  Loaded with flavor, I am still fantasizing about it from last weekend.  Who knew salad could be so delicious?  Sample it yourself and see what I mean here.

Driving through New Hampshire on Christmas day.  Stunning.  One of the reasons I moved back to New England.  For this.

Oh man, so delish.  Cannellini beans, cauliflower, pesto, cheese, sundried tomatoes and scallions, all on top a bed of spinach, with sides of avocado and sweet potato fries.  Mmmmmmm.

I was so excited stumbling across these in NYC in the Anthropology store, I nearly had a heart attack.  One of my very best childhood friends made these herself.  How freaking cool is that!?!?!  Mistaken for sisters almost everywhere we went, having sleepovers nearly every single weekend, our families well acquainted, writing one another pages long letters and notes daily, getting into mischief together routinely, loving many of the same things, both creative, animated, and silly, we were prominent parts of one another's lives for literally the first 20 years of each other's life.  To this day, we remain in touch, are something akin to sisters and are still close.

To see her pottery and work, click here.

And to read about our recently being reunited, after not having seen one another in person for nearly a decade, here are photos and stories from that awesome day together.

These photos do not do them justice.  Hands down, some of the best pancakes I have ever eaten.  They are 100% grain free, with no refined sugar, and dairy free save for eggs.  See below for a better picture of the same exact pancake recipe as above.  Photo just taken on a different day, and outside.

Made with shredded carrots and bananas, they are light, fluffy, subtly sweet and oh so yum.  Here is the recipe, for your tasting pleasure.

Crema, one of my very favorite cafes in Boston.  Situated in the happening Harvard Square, this cozy spot is warm and inviting.  For a list of other awesome Boston spots and eateries, click here.

Robert Alberta Tyrone.  Our baby <3.  He has not one, not two, but three mommies.  How lucky is he!? ;-).  And will you look at those huge eyes?  Don't they just make your heart melt?  He is the best.

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