Monday, July 9, 2018

Worthwhile Day Tripping to Newburyport and Plymouth, Massachusetts

Hi all!  Happy summer weekending and day tripping :-D

I have two fabulous day trip ideas.  Easy hops, skips and jumps from Boston, or even quite do-able from New Hampshire (if coming from the Concord area or below).

1. Newburyport, MA
2. Plymouth, MA

Both are within an hour from Boston, super easy.  You can still sleep in, drive on over late morning, spend the day there, and return at a reasonable hour.

Both are quaint, charming, gorgeous in their own unique ways.  Personally, if I had to choose a favorite of the two, it would probably be Newburyport.  But again, both are inviting and lovely.

This particular street is said to be one of the most gorgeous in all of New England.

This place has phenomenal reviews online.  And for good reason.  I stopped in here for a tea and, on a whim, snagged a cookie called an "Almond Cloud" for Maxx and I to sample.  Wow.  Talk about mouthwatering and absolutely delicious.  It was huge, the size of a small dinner plate.  The texture, chewy and moist.  Akin to an almond macaron.  Sweet, light, almond-y, absolutely awesome.

For lunch, we ate at Brown Sugar by the Sea.  I was hesitant, but oh my gosh, this place was delicious.  Maxx had "drunken noodles" while I had the Brown Sugar Fresh Rolls- to die for.  Essentially mock sushi but made from vegetables, rolled in rice paper, and served with peanut dipping sauce.  The sauce...still dreaming about it.  Maxx loved his as well.

We relaxed, sat outside on the patio, ate, and talked for like 1.5 hour.  Really, really nice.  I greatly enjoyed this.

What I ate.  My, oh, my, so amazing.

Sweet Ida <3.  Happy as a clam.

We had ice cream at Harbor Creamery, which was phenomenal.  Maxx got a flavor called Blueberry Port, which he loved.  I had a chocolate ice cream with chunks of chocolate cookie in it, topped with hot fudge.  My current quintessential ice cream topping of the moment :-D

Ida enjoyed her treat too, which we snagged from the dog shop next door... ;-)

My favorite house in Newburyport.

Maxxs favorite house in Newburyport :-D

And now, onto our trip to Plymouth, MA....we also loved this spot.  Ive been here once, years ago, though didn't have the chance to explore it in as much depth as this time around.  I was shocked to find that Plymouth has loads of brick lain, narrow, cute little back alleys, and sweet little clapboard houses in which are bookstores, museums, and more.

Important side note.  Both of these towns boost numerous mouthwatering, luscious looking bakeries, Maxx and I noted.

Seeming worthwhile bakeries in Plymouth:

--Blue Blinds Bakery
--Guilty Bakery
--Cupcake Charlies

Seeming worthwhile bakeries in Newburyport:

--Buttermilk Baking Co.
--Chococoa Baking Co & Café (known for their Whoopie Pies)
--Alden Merrell Cheesecake Co.
--Figtree Kitchen
--Market Square Bakehouse

You can see why I slightly favor Newburyport over Plymouth... ;-) not just for the scenery but for the sweets too.

Now, back to the day trip to Plymouth, MA....

Wandering the charming streets and checking out the decorative, colorful storefronts.

This bakery.  LOVED it.  From the Southern charm-esque porch, complete with rocking chairs and wooden tables, to the country style, rustic, warm interior.  This bakery had my name all over it.  The only thing that was a major bummer...they turned us away because of Ida.  We weren't even allowed to sit on the porch :-/

Soooo....we took our drinks and bakery goods elsewhere ;-)

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