Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Cozy Cafes in New England

In tune with the chilly temperatures, the blanketing snow, and the blustery days, here is a roundup of cozy cafes for conferring with friends, cuddling up with a romantic partner, reading or writing the day away, drinking something warm and eating something sweet, and reveling in their inviting atmospheres.

The Thinking Cup. Dimly lit, with decadent desserts and all manner of mouthwatering items on offering.  The warm macadamia nut milk with honey added- so good.  Love this place.  The lavender and chocolate macarons are also bomb.  Its my go-to writing spot.

Tatte.  With a mouthwatering sweet display and very Instagram worthy atmosphere, this is a great place to go for meeting a friend and a tasty treat (lines out the door aside, the one not insignificant downside to this place).

1369 Coffee House. European-esque, small wooden tables with little lamps and candles atop their surfaces throughout the cafe.  With scrumptious sweets, sandwiches, salads, and breakfast items on offering.  Love this locale for conferring with a friend.

The Map Cafe in Boston Public Library.  Another dimly lit, inviting, enticing cafe.  With vast ceilings boosting intricate detailing, and an extensive afternoon tea menu, in addition to a plethora of sandwiches, salads, and pastries available.  The best part?  Its attached to the library!!

L.A. Burdick Chocolates.  The inside is eye catching and artisan looking.  With all manner of imaginative and intricate chocolates on display.  Their desserts in the cafe section, though a tad pricey, come in a unique array of flavors and shapes.

Three Little Figs.  Though its a bit out of the way, this bright, white and vivid blue themed cafe (feels very Grecian) with small tables and window seats abound, offers toasts with fun toppings, grilled sandwiches, salads, pastries, and soups.  A lovely place to come and hang the afternoon away.

Darwins Ltd.  This quiet, colorful cafe has an entire sandwich (as well as breakfast) menu, a boatload of pastries and sweets, an extensive tea and hot drink menu, and with three locations in Boston.

The Beehive.  Though not really a cafe...more of a bar/restaurant, but with glam, shabby chic, totally cozy and unique atmosphere.  This is a great locale for drinks, appetizers, and getting together on a weekend night out.

George Howell Coffee.  Trendy, bustling, though a great place to sit and chat, as well as read and write, this bright, intimate cafe is a sweet spot in Boston worthy of spending some time.

Caffe Nero.  Granted, its a chain, but its the most atmospheric of chains there is.  Akin to an inviting, slightly worn through stately, comfy cozy library or bookstore.  The inside is fun and eye catching, the light fixtures are funky and trendy.  The macarons are surprisingly good- especially the chocolate one, which is decadent and fudgy.  And prices, fair.  Its a nice spot for an affordable hot drink and sweet.

Render Coffee.  While the inside is no frills and somewhat small, its heavily wooded and inviting.  The sweets on offering here are good, especially the almond croissant, with its interior laden with a sweet paste.  The heavily windowed alcove makes a nice spot for sitting, with views to the red bricked neighborhoods outside.

True Brew in Concord, NH.  A charming little cafe, with outdoor seating that entices on the happening brick lain patio during warmer months.  Board games on offering for playing inside while drinking something warm.  They have an extensive tea menu, and tasty treats available, as well as breakfast and lunch sandwiches.  There is another small, additional locale housed within the Gibson's Bookstore in Concord too.

Book and Bar in Portsmouth, NH.  Oh my gosh, one of my favorite cafes ever.  Hybrid bookstore and cafe, I cannot imagine a better pairing.  The cherry on top, this one sells used books, and in awesome condition.  The drink menu here is interesting and intriguing, they have a decently sized food menu, and aisles and aisles of books for ones perusing pleasure.  I could spend a few hours in this place, no problem.

Crackskulls in Newmarket, NH.  While slightly cramped and a bit worn, this is a cool little spot.  Artsy, with several overflowing bookshelves in the back, scrumptious looking sweets available, and an intimate feel.  Plus, its right in downtown Newmarket.  Cant get much better than that ;-).

The Local Moose Cafe in Manchester, NH.  Heavily wooded and no frills in terms of appearance, this spot made it onto the list of "best coffee shops in every New England state."  With delicious donuts on offering (in cool flavors such as orange blossom buttercream or pistachio cream cheese), to a list of brunching foods and snacks, its a sweet little spot to be sure.

The Schoolhouse Cafe in Warner, NH.  Just like the name implies, this restaurant is housed in, none other than an old schoolhouse.  The food is super yum.  From thick, buttery, fluffy pancakes, to omelets, crisp slices of bacon, and homemade sweets such as whoopee pies for sale to take with you.  Homemade and homey, highly recommend this spot for breakfast.

The Black Forest Cafe and Bakery in Amherst, NH.  This succulent spot has an extensive menu, from lunch and dinner, to Sunday brunch, cakes, tarts, pies, and pastries, cookies, and a lengthily list of portable sweets.  An awesome additional aspect?  Its cozy and cute. This one also made the list of "best coffee shops in New England."

Riverwalk Cafe and Music Bar in Nashua, NH.  This is an artsy, intimate, funky, and cool spot.  Another one that made the list of "best coffee shops in New England."  With live music playing often, and an extensive breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu (mostly made up of sandwiches, though with other stuff sprinkled in too).

Last but not least, Crust and Crumb in Concord, NH.  This place has decadent, absolutely phenomenal treats, and a sweeping offering at that.  From cheesecakes to whoopee pies in all manner of flavorings, brownies, flourless chocolate cake, cookies, muffins, bars, and even savory snacks.  One of the best bakeries I've sampled in a long time.  Everything here is superb.

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