Friday, November 22, 2013

Almost potential job...!

Hi All,

So on the job front, I have some potentially exciting news.  I had an interview last Thursday at a small bilingual preschool (Spanish/English).  It went REALLY well.  The owner seemed to like me a lot, and she was speaking throughout the interview to me as if I had the job.  I had a great feeling about it upon walking out.

After pacing nervously for 3 days and basically being able to think of nothing else, I gave them a call.  I was told by one of the girls who works there that the owner would like me to come in on Monday, November 25 at 8:30am to spend 1-2 hours with her and the kids.  Assuming it goes well, she will draw up a contract for me and sign my paperwork!!!!!

I am beyond excited, and also nervous.  Monday is a hugely important day for me.  As I will be just a few days shy of when my visa is set to expire, Monday needs to go well :-D  Wish me luck!

In other exciting news, I had another interview at a fancy, much larger children's school two days ago.  That also went quite well.  The two girls who interviewed me were about my age and we chatted and laughed together.  Lots of fun.  At the end of the interview, they invited me for a second interview on Wednesday, November 27 of next week from 9am-3pm to spend the day with the children, and assuming that goes well, I would be offered that job!

And finally, I have one more interview next week as well at another school!

So right now, I am feeling good.  I am a tad superstitious so a bit hesitant to write this before I have been offered any job officially...but things are looking up!  I am feeling optimistic and excited.

Yesterday morning (Thursday), I was doing some Just Dance via YouTube for fun and as a workout (Mom, check out this dance!!!  I found this one and knew right away you would love it: It's insane.  But SO much fun!!).

Anyway I had just woken up, was sweaty, un-showered and in a silly outfit when there was a knock on the bedroom door.  I was greeted by an incredibly sweet, smiling boy holding flowers and Beninstich cake (my favorite German dessert) for me!!!  That made my day.

In other news, while I was in Frankfurt yesterday having lunch with a new friend and then left with some time to kill before I had to be over at the French family's home for babysitting, I walked around and took some photos of the city of Frankfurt.  Here is a snapshot of what the city looks like where I work every day:

The homes on the street where I work...very Beacon Hill esque.

The neighborhood where I work...

Neighborhood where I work.

The actual apartment building I work in.

Alright, that is all for now, folks.  I will check back within the next day or two!!  I miss all of you, a lot <3 I think of you all very often.

“Often when we realize how precious those seconds are, it's too late for them to be captured because the moment has passed. We realize too late.” 

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