Monday, November 18, 2013

Sunday afternoon in Reinheim

REALLY fun weekend :-D

Activities included: baking pumpkin bread, baking ricotta cookies, cooking ravioli with homemade Alfredo sauce, delicious lunch out which consisted of Turkish wraps (though I got mine without meat, so I had a cheese like feta but milder, and lettuce, tomato, onion and a garlic sauce, so good) and relaxing.  It was overall a fantastic weekend.

Today (Monday) I spent the day in Frankfurt tooling the streets, looking for jobs.  I stopped in three kindergartens inquiring about jobs (was nastily turned away from one), walked all over the city (literally 30 minutes from where the commuter rail let me off to the first preschool, walking through the industrial, gray part of the city alone in the cold), and then spent the afternoon with the kids from 3:30pm-7pm (though I had to take the subway , a bus and walk 15 minutes in the dark all one way to pick up Constance at school, and then back home to their apartment with her).

Tomorrow (Tuesday), I will apply for as many jobs as possible online, head into Frankfurt for work from 3:30pm-7pm and then attend the English-German conversation group after work which I am really looking forward to as I really enjoyed it last time.  Last time there were a number of people whose phone numbers I had wanted to ask for but hadn't gotten the chance, so tomorrow, that is happening!

Still no official job offers.  I will keep you posted...!

“Believing is half the cure.” 

And a few more shots of the landscape of Reinheim (and the surrounding area)....(where I am living):

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