Saturday, July 26, 2014

Frankfurt Recent Food Adventures....And More

Last week, Somayeh and I went to check out a cafe called Wackers Cafe here in Frankfurt.  This is one of the most famous cafes in all of Frankfurt, not only for their coffee but for their history.  Wackers opened in 1914, and they are said to have some of the best coffee in all of Frankfurt.  So I suggested we check it out (though Somayeh had already been before).  Upon ordered, she got a coffee drink and I asked for a tea, she exclaimed, "Brooke, you want to go to one of the best coffee places in Frankfurt and you order a tea???" as she laughed.  Good point ha-ha.  But unfortunately I have tried coffee more then once and just cannot garner a taste for it.  So I stuck with my tea, and we split a slice of cheesecake which was very yummy.  For me, it was more about going to the place to check it out in general ;-)

Inside of Wackers....

I found a place with delicious cheese danishes.  YUM!  But this is also to my detriment as cheese danish is one of my weaknesses ;-) along with all other sweets ha-ha.  So I will not be going there often.

Thin crust pizza with onion, scallions, bacon and fresh cheese.  Delectable.

Food with Judith :-D

Here is the invitation that I designed for our recent preschool graduation for our class, the Clever Cats.
This was incredibly sweet.  On Thursday, July 24, we had the graduation ceremony for our class.  I choreographed a dance for our kids to the song ABC by the Jackson 5 (which I would be happy to show anyone via Skype when we are chatting ha-ha).  Oh man, this was just heart-melting and so incredibly cute.  This past Thursday at 3pm, the kids performed this in front of all their parents as cameras snapped photos and filmed them.  I stood in the back doing the dance along with them to help them.  Then each of us (Claudia- the German teacher in our classroom, Jana- the teaching assistant/trainee, and myself) gave a little speech about the year we had just had with their children.  I read a poem I had written about the kids.  My knees were knocking together as I read it!  But I think I hid it fairly well, looking at each child as I read their part, taking care to read slowly (I tend to speed up when I am nervous) and making gestures to match along with what I read.

Then we had the kids line up outside and march in wearing their little graduation hats we had made.  So adorable.  Each one walked up, we handed them a diploma, shook their little hand and that was that.  Afterwards, food and conversation followed.  Very cool.  I really enjoyed this.

Last but not least, the book I just finished.  Excellent.  I have read it about 3 times now and I love it every single time.  This won Best Book of the month in August 2012.

This book is not one story but many, all intertwined.  The stories are beautiful.  A mixture of topics are touched upon, from betrayal, to earning back trust, the different kinds of connections and love we feel with different people, sexuality, relationships with our parents, friendships and more.  This book explores so many of the emotional challenges of what it means to be human.  It's a fast read and an easy one.  But it's one that lingers with you after you have put down the book.  The stories have staying power.  Though especially the title story, "When it happens to you."  A searing account of the inner heartbreak and turmoil a woman feels when she finds out her husband has betrayed her.  And all the inner struggles and different conflicting feelings she has throughout this ordeal.  This particular chapter is a gripping and deeply moving one.  You will feel your own heart ache for her.  However all of the stories are excellent.  As I said, one of my very favorites.  A great summer or anytime read.

Alright.  I am off for now!  More blog updates within 2 stay tuned.

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