Thursday, July 10, 2014

Friend Spotlight

Sarah Jutras.  She is hands down one of the best friends I have ever had in my life.  You know how you have just a handful (and actually, that's if you are lucky.  Some people have even less) of people throughout your life with whom the connection is very deep and very open?  You can tell them anything, reveal your whole self (the great aspects of yourself as well as the not-so-great) and still feel loved, you can talk about anything with one another, you can get quite upset with each other sometimes and speak openly about it but then are totally fine afterwards, you feel comfortable with one another, very at ease and happy in their presence, never judged by them.

This is the way I feel, both with and about Sarah.

Sarah and I met during our last year of college in Keene, New Hampshire.  Both of us happened to be working the same shift as Hostesses one Friday evening at Applebee's, greeting guests at the door.  I had never met her before this night.  She and I hit it off immediately.  We talked non-stop the entire shift.  The click was instant.  I liked her right away.  Sarah has a kindness and a sparkle about her that draws people in.

She and I began spending more time together during our final year at Keene State College.

The night before graduation, we had an interesting (actually, it was rather traumatic at the time, but now makes for a hilarious story) experience together while out having drinks and dancing at the local bar, The Railroad (or as our fellow students liked to call it, the Train Wreck ;-)).  (Sarah fell on the pavement and split her chin open at 1pm.  Hence, we found ourselves at the local hospital at 2am the night before our college graduation).

After graduation though, Sarah and I became even closer friends.  She dated a very close friend of mine and my ex, Adam's for about a year.  So the four of us hung out a lot.  Almost every weekend in Boston.  During this time she and I got especially close.

We have been very close friends ever since.  I count her among my best and as one of the people I am closest to.  Sarah has one of the kindest hearts of anyone I know.  She is generous to a fault, fun to be with, a thoughtful and interesting person, a beautiful woman both inside and out.  She has many traits I aspire to have myself.  She is loving, creative and funny.  She is a wonderful, strong and caring mother to her little 1 year old son, Caleb.

Mine and Sarah's friendship contains hundreds of memories thus far, as few of which I have posted below for you all to take a look at.  I have no doubt she and I will make hundreds more as the years go by.

Soaking wet after riding the log flume at Universal Studios!!!

We made these together on Valentines Day.  Angel food cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  So good.

I am incredibly blessed to have a special and rare friend like Sarah in my life <3 

Sidenote: I just returned this evening from my first SOLO vacation ever, which I took to Florence, Italy all last week!!!  The trip was AMAZING.  Stay tuned!  Details on this will be posted by the end of this weekend for sure.

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