Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fun weekly updates...

Hi all,

I apologize for the lapse since I've written last. My computer is being difficult and virus-y. So I am writing this from my tablet. 

A few fun photo updates from recent....

Fun and delicious chocolate, whipped cream and raspberry parfaits, homemade with my friend Francine :-)

Tea and chocolate cake with my friend, Somayeh at the slightly elegant, trendy, hip cafe, Walden. 

Missing Boston!!! Sigh. Nostalgia.

In exciting news, I just recently secured a NEW job!!!! I start the new job on Monday, November 3! I am very exciting for this. It should be a great change for me. More details in my next entry.

More updates to follow in a couple days, when I'm not stuck typing on my tablet!

Ciao for now ;-) 

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