Monday, September 15, 2014

Second meeting for Sweet Meets!!!

So, successful meeting #2 for mine and Judith's meet up group, Sweet Meets, down    :-D

We went to Hero's burgers in Frankfurt. Apparently some of the best burgers in the city. And as an American, finding a truly good burger over here is as challenge. But these fit the bill, so I thought, what better location for our next meet up then? ;-)

I baked a sweet bread with dark chocolate pieces and fresh raspberries inside. Came out great! Yum.

10 people came to our meet up that evening including my good friends, Dali and Francine.

The meet up was a huge success, again!!

Everyone was laughing and talking with ease. One of our newest members, Chris, was a riot. Great fun all around and excellent food. How can one go wrong?

Also as a side note, one thing I am missing in the US big time...

My sweet baby Bug <3