Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fall Fashion Fantasies

Being in Europe has definitly hightened my desire to dress better.  Not only do I see the increased attention to fashion details here as opposed to what I felt I saw back in the US, but I get the sense that Europeans (generally) put more effort and fun into their own personal dressing than the majority of my fellow Americans do, I am sad to report. 

I have always loved clothes and leafing through fashion magazines like In Style, circling the items I covet but am unlikely to ever actually own.  Yet I am bummed to say I never really put a ton of thought, planning or effort into how I dressed until beginning recently.  I felt like I dressed cute/decent enough, so that was just fine.

This past March while on the train riding back from Austria, I noticed a beautifully dressed, classy middle aged woman in the seat across from me.  She was reading a book titled "You are what you wear."  I checked the book out in Kindle Format from my library and read it. 

Out of all the catagories that were offered in the book as being fashion downfalls, the one I fell into somewhat would be "style boredome/laziness."  Therefore, I have decided I want to change this.  Unfortunately my finances will not permit this to happen overnight, but hopefully in the near future, slowly but surely.

Therefore, see below for my recently compiled list of fall must-haves:

Black boots like these.  Love the buckles, short height and studs.

Black Skinny Jeans

1-2 Blazers I can wear casually to spiff up Outfits!

Small cross-body bag.  LOVE this one.  The "Classic Q Karlie" by Marc Jacobs.

Plaid skirt with red in it.  This one is cute!

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