Sunday, October 5, 2014

PARIS!!!! Part 1

So, first photo of the trip, no joke.  Goat heads.  For sale.  Whole.  In a deli.  Repulsive eh? 

Love it from behind...just as beautiful.

SO cool!!!  Saw these Harry Potter books for sale along the banks of the Seine, where all the marketiers are selling their goods (generally art and books).

Made like Parisians (and tourists ;-)) and walked along the riverside.

Burger action.  Yum!

Famous bakery that was literally right outside the apartment.

Crepe time!!!

View from the top of Notre Dame...a 400 stair climb.

Love this cafe front.

Eclairs.  SO yummy looking.

Croque Madame for lunch :-) this is a traditional French dish.  Toast with egg, cheese and ham.  SO tasty.

Walking around one of my favorite districts of Paris, Le Marais.  It used to be a swamp, a long time ago.  Now its old, charming and lovely with lots of fun, trendy and interesting shops.

The famous Place des Vosges square in Le Marais district.  Lounged in this park for about an hour and a half.  Dozing and people watching.

Everything in this display is made out of chocolate!!!!!  So neat!!!


Notre Dame at night.

Supposed to be one of the best ice cream places in the city.  I tried the dark chocolate.  It was amazing.  Like fudgy brownie dough that had been chilled into ice cream.  Whoa.

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