Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Favorite Frankfurt Cafes

There are many cafes I have yet to try in Frankfurt that I am interested in checking out.  However I have been to enough by now that I am definitely able to compile a list of favorites.  One of the things I most enjoy doing with a friend is going to a cafe for a tea, pastry and conversation.  I love this.  I think its relaxing, cozy, delicious and fun.  So, here is my list of most beloved cafes in Frankfurt ;-)

Cafe Crumble

While this isn't literally my favorite cafe in Frankfurt, it is the one I frequent the most.  The interior is fairly sparse and bare, cream colored walls, marble-topped tables and wooden chairs, a long counter top behind which all the drinks and food dishes are prepared, a small assortment of homemade cakes and a little patio area out back during the summer time.  I enjoy coming here once or twice a week during my lunch breaks for a tea, a change of scenery (away from the chaos of screaming children at work) as well as meeting my good friend, Sally here regularly for tea and chats.


This cafe is more on the swanky/sultry side.  During the summer, they have a large, tightly packed patio that is set in the shade along a sidewalk.  The inside has a slightly seductive, red-lit, darkened feeling to it.  The chocolate cake here is EXCELLENT.  The food is also quite good, though pricey.

Cafe Kante

This cafe is a highly recommended one in Frankfurt.  I have been once for one of mine and Judith's meetup group's spots but loved the feeling of it.  The tables are all set in a large, mainly wood interior room.  The cafe has a cozy, slightly worn look and feel to it.  The pastries are all on display upon walking into the snug entrance-way.  The mugs that the tea come in are charming and sweet.  I would love to go here more regularly with a book for a few hours one afternoon.

Bitter und Zart

This is, hands down (at least so far), my favorite cafe in Frankfurt.  Everything about it.  The atmosphere and decor is awesome.  Super elegant, it has a swanky, olden days, tea-room feel to it.  The inside has a luxurious feeling to it as well.  The cake display is colorful, varied and large.  The way your tea is presented to you: one should go there to experience it.  So much fun.  They place your teapot on a little burner to keep it warm.  A tiny sand timer is used to let you know how long the tea should steep for.  The set-up is super cute.  I will be going to this cafe a lot more.  VERY cool place.

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