Saturday, May 9, 2015

Frankfurt Restaurant Reviews

Fletcher's Burgers

I went here just today with my burger partner-in-crime.  I had heard about Fletcher's from more then one person, all raving about the burgers here.  Though I always take these high praises with a grain of sand because (I am sorry to say this, Germany...) the burgers over here aren't great.  In fact they generally do not even come within a stones throw of the quality one would find in an American burger.

However upon eating at Fletcher's, I was pleasantly surprised!!  I would absolutely recommend it, even to Americans.  And this is saying quite a bit ;-p

The burgers were neither too thick nor too thin.  They were cooked just right.  The buns were the perfect thickness.  I ordered my burger with thin onion rings on top, mushrooms, cheese, lettuce and tomato, plus honey mustard sauce.  Delicious.  The burger was juicy, flavorful, incredibly tasty.  It really hit the spot.

The fries were good though nothing to write home about.  The interior of the restaurant was also nothing to write home about.  In fact, I would say its too small, with not enough seating and too-cramped quarters.  The inside also feels just sort of cold and uninviting.  This is more of an in-and-out type of place to get food.  Not a sit-and-linger type of place.

With this said though, I would give Fletcher's two thumbs up.  Really, really good.

Mozart Cafe

I went here about two weeks ago with a fellow cake and cafe lover/friend.  She and I met at Mozart Cafe on a Sunday morning.  The interior has a simultaneously elder-crowd vibe, with a elegant but slightly stuffy feeling to it.

I ordered a slice of Sacher torte which was quite good.  The array of different cakes they offer here is one of the best in terms of variety and quantities that I have seen anywhere in Frankfurt thus far.  The prices were fair.  The tea cups were pretty and floral, adding a charming touch.

This is the type of place one can sit and linger for a long time.  The seating is comfortable and plush.  The bustling inside is still quiet and relaxing.

Overall I would recommend Mozart Cafe, especially for the sheer volume of cake variety they offer!

La Maison du Pain

I have been to this French bakery a couple of times now.  I love the interior, heavily wooded but bright, lending to it a feeling of warmth.  The array of pastries is colorful and eye catching. And they taste as good as they look.  I have tried the chocolate croissants, a marzipan croissant and the eclairs.  All excellent.  The fruit tarts are what is next up on my must-try list here.

The pastries were delicious.  The croissant dough is moist, chewy, just the right consistency, flaky on the outside, lightly sweet.  YUM.

And I just really enjoy the atmosphere of this place as well.  They offer a breakfast and lunch menu, neither of which I have sampled, but I will eventually.  To me, this is the perfect place to brunch.

I would highly recommend it here for the quality of the food as well as the interior.

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