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Best Foods I Have Ever Tasted in my Travels: Part 2

Hi All,

As you may have read a while back, I wrote a post about the tastiest foods I have had the pleasure of sampling thus far in my travels through life.  You can refresh your visual memory of it here ;-)  This blog post will encompass part two, as I have since thought of (as well as tasted) a number of additional AWESOME foods that I would like to add to the list.

Therefore, without further ado, here are the additions:

Pao de Deus, this is a sweet bread roll found in Portugal, topped with a lightly sweetened coconut paste and a sprinkle of powdered sugar.  Oh. My. God. I became addicted to these during my trip to Portugal in early April, 2015. SO tasty!!!  I am already nostalgic for this bread.  And I just had it a month ago!

Fresh, grilled seafood in Portugal.  This was cooked simply but was incredible.  Grilled to perfection, lightly seasoned, fresh, delicious.

Boston Burger Co in Boston, Massachusetts serves, hands down, the best burgers I have ever had up at the present time.  They are thick, mouthwatering, with creative toppings that always taste awesome together (no matter how hesitant the combinations may make you feel ;-)).  I miss the burgers here.  I occasionally dream about them ;-)

The Chili Con Carne from Eberts Suppenstube in Frankfurt was SO yummy.  Homey, warm, slightly spicy, filled with corn, beans, beef and other delectable yummy ingredients, I loved this.  They are known as one of the top places to get lunch in the city, and I would have to give them a thumbs up. YUM.

The bread in Germany.  In general, I never knew how wonderful bread could be until I came here.  The bread available in the US is but a pale...flimsy...pathetic attempt to measure up to even half of how good German bread is ;-). Ok maybe that is a tad dramatic of a comparison haha (plus, plenty of the foods in the US are WAY better when compared with the version one can get here), but its close.  The bread here is hardy, seeded, moist, often with a crunchy outside and a soft inside, it smells incredible, its just awesome bread.  My favorite is probably pumpkin seed bread, and this is coming from a former hater of all seeded breads.  But oh man, come to German and try the bread.  You will be a changed man/woman of bread products from that point forward.

The green tea tart at Iimori Tea Shop in Frankfurt is SO good!!!  The crust is a slightly flaky, light texture.  There is a sweet red bean paste smeared onto the crust which is delicious, and finally the green tea cream as the final layer.  Light with just the slightest green tea powder tang, this is just awesome.

Unos deep dish pizza.  I know its a chain restaurant in the US but they have, to date, possibly the best deep dish pizza I have ever had.  I LOVE the crust which is buttery, thick and a bit flaky.  The tomato sauce is thick, chunky and flavorful, and the cheese is stringy, melted, just the BEST.  Whenever I make my way back to the US this fall for a visit, Unos is on my list for "must eat at" restaurants.

The Cheesecake Factory, another item on my "must eat at" list, especially since cheesecake in Europe (I am sorry to say it guys), sucks.  Here its flimsy, with an almost Jello like texture, the flavor is weaker and more subtle.  In the US, cheesecake is dense, rich, creamy and tangy.  Its outstanding.  And the Cheesecake Factor might have the best variety I have ever seen, in terms of cheesecake choices, which is a must when you ADORE cheesecake.  My personal favorite: (the photo above) the Tuxedo Cream cheesecake.

Chocolate in Europe, in general.  Its just better.  Chocolate one can buy in the US within the grocery store is hit or miss.  Some of it tastes decent, but much of it is lacking flavor...creaminess and taste.  Here in Europe, the majority of the time its a hit.  Even in grocery stores, most of the chocolate here is creamy, milky, melts-in-your-mouth delicious.

I spent a couple weeks almost every single summer of my childhood in Marquette, Michigan (a quiet lakeside town, very picturesque).  My Dad, my brother, myself and a handful of our family members convened at our little lakeside cottage, just on Lake Superior.  I have written about this in previous entries.  This was always SUCH fun.  Bonfires on the beach, relaxing on the sand during the day (reading/swimming/sunbathing), playing cards, eating lots of yummy food, etc.

We often ate at a restaurant in town called The Villa.  This was one of our traditions every summer.  And the garlic bread at the Villa, my god.  Its a THICK brick of bread, soaked in buttery garlic sauce, with a slight crunch but soft crisp middle.  So incredibly good.

Pear and Gorgonzola gnocchi that I ate in Italy last summer, 2014.  I read about this in one of my guidebooks which claimed this dish at this particular restaurant was delicious and not to be missed, so I found the place and gave this dish a try.  I went back a few nights later to get it again.  Phenomenal.  The Gorgonzola cheese was rich and full of flavor, while the pear with its light sweetness was a perfect balance.

This is a German sweet bread which I first tried in Bavaria while there for the weekend to experience Oktoberfest (with my TEFL classmate, Sabrina).  She invited me to stay with her at her family friends home.  The young, warm, welcoming wife had prepared for us a mouthwatering bread, with a dense, eggy texture and a slightly sweet taste.  This was so good during breakfast when spread with a bit of jam or butter.  I begged her to please give me the recipe, which she so kindly did, and then made it myself!  Mmmmm.

Pasta at the highly recommended restaurant in Florence, Italy called 13 Gobbi.  The waiter insisted I try their signature dish.  A seemingly plain tomato-sauce and buffalo mozzarella pasta dish.  I protested, responding that it sounded a bit boring to me, that I wanted something with more flavors.  He insisted, telling me it was the best thing on the menu.  I gave in and whoa, was he right.  The flavor was incredible.  Juicy, tomato flavor with lots of yummy spices, the cheese was stringy and melted in the bowl, the pasta was perfectly cooked, the entire dish was one of the best I have had in Italy.

And finally, just a favorite snack I discovered as of late.  Chocolate mousse and fresh blueberries.  The combination of the chocolate flavor with the juicy, ripe, crisp blueberries is just bomb.  YUM.

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