Sunday, December 6, 2015

Freiburg Christmas Market Adventure!

This past Saturday, December 5, I hopped on a high speed train with Travis, one of my close friends here in Frankfurt, and headed down to Freiburg.  This is known as one of the especially pretty towns in Germany, with its gorgeous architecture, its dominating cathedral, and its ultra charming mini canals which weave their ways alongside most of the streets.  

The Christmas market was one of the best in terms of atmosphere that I have been to in Germany.  All aglow with twinkling lights, colored holiday bulbs, garland and Christmas-y decor, I absolutely loved this.  I felt enveloped in holiday magic and spirit.

We explored much of the town via wandering down random side streets and allowing ourselves to get mildly lost.  Every single turn and street was gorgeous.  We made a pit stop for tea and something tasty to eat.  We ate delicious Christmas market food included potato pancakes with applesauce on the side, and something akin to hash browns topped with a fried egg which was to DIE for, perfectly seasoned with herbs, butter and fat, Mmmmmmmm.  

Once dusk fell, we drank the traditional Gluhwein which is the famous must-drink one can find displayed with prevalence at all of these markets.  A warm wine seasoned with orange, cinnamon and other spices.  

Lots of gut-busting laughter, fun conversation and great fun was had on this day trip together :-D

The train ride back was quiet, both of us immersed in our respective books, as well as experiencing a fuzzy, heavy exhaustion which had overtaken us as a result of the wine and the warm, cozy train cabin.  Outstanding day trip!!! 

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