Sunday, December 20, 2015

Heidelberg Christmas Market!

Hi All,

Merry approaching Christmas!!!

Another fun day trip tucked safely under my belt ;-)  This past Saturday, December 19, Judith and I ventured to Heidelberg.  Just a short train ride away from Frankfurt, this is a gem of a town.  In fact, did you know that its the most day-tripped to city in Germany?!  There is a fun fact for ya!

Despite the ever-growing list of German cities I have visited, Heidelberg remains one of my favorites.  I just love the panorama of the city itself, laying sprawled below the castle, the view is a gorgeous one.  Rolling mountains as the backdrop with a sizable river snaking through the middle of the city, cathedrals dotting the sky.  Nearly all of the architecture is totally charming and just beautiful.

The Christmas market was atmospheric.  Though by 1pm, the area was PACKED with people.  Judith and I enjoyed milling around, taking photos, tasting yummy foods (crepes and eating at a 50s themed diner which we really loved), I bought lots of gifts for the people I will be seeing back at home in just a FEW DAYS!!!!  That burst of excitement aside, we had lots and lots of fun together, as always.

That soccer field is made entirely of gummy bears!!!!  SO cool!!!  PS: did you know that gummy bears originate from Germany??


  1. Wonderful pictures of a very picturesque town.

  2. Wonderful pictures of a very picturesque town.

  3. Yes! Its one of my very favorite cities in Germany, no question.