Saturday, May 21, 2016

Summer Travel Adventures!!

Hi All,

I am super psyched to report there are two big upcoming adventures I will be embarking on this summer.  Both are places I have never been to before!!!  And both will be AMAZING!

My first amazing adventure will be...

Edinburgh, Scotland!!!  

Joining me on this exciting exploration will be one of my closest friends, Judith.  This makes the trip that much sweeter.  Tickets are booked, we depart to Edinburgh on Friday evening, August 5 and return to Frankfurt on Wednesday, August 10.

Where J.K. Rowling used to sit daily, writing the first and second Harry Potter books, as it was cheaper for her to pay for a cup of coffee then her heating bill.  And look at her now ;-) incredible.

Grayfriars Kirkyard...where Tom Riddle from Harry Potter resides, and where Harry faced down Voldemort.

And the second trip on my summer adventure itinerary is....

Stockholm, Sweden!!!

This will be my thrilling and awe-inspiring solo adventure for the summer.  I elected to go on my own, as I LOVE to travel solo just as much as I revel in traveling with a close friend or other loved one.  The ticket is also booked for this one.  I will depart for Sweden on Saturday, August 13 and return to Frankfurt one week later on Saturday the 20th!

Stay tuned for further details as the trips draw closer... ;-p

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