Friday, November 4, 2016

My visit to Eze Village on the French Riviera

Hi all,

The second stop during my mini adventure to the French Riviera was the village of Eze.  This is a tiny, walled in village situated atop a cliff, perched precariously on top, overlooking sweeping views of the Riviera, rolling hills and craggy hilltops on either side.  Awesome.

While Eze does have a similar look to it as the first village I visited, Saint Paul de Vence, they are different.  Eze had a bit more of a medieval, Game-of-Thrones feel to it for me.  Somehow, it felt more...knights could ride around the corner atop the back of a clomping horse at any moment, or as though bow and arrows might have soared over the walls at one point in the past, or as though I might round the corner and see a long haired, jewel-topped maiden wandering the cobbled streets.

Of course, the hoards of tourists put the kibosh on these images ever so slightly.  All joking aside though, Eze was tiny, magical, winding, quiet and super romantic.  I highly recommend visiting Eze if you vacation in Nice at some point.  Eze was just a one hour ride by bus outside of Nice, at the astoundingly dirt cheap price of 1.50 euro one way, so just 3 euro total there and back!!!  A total steal of a deal.  And the views from Eze of the rest of the Riviera?  Jaw-dropping.  Even better than the views from Saint Paul de Vence.

If I had to choose, I would say that Saint Paul had the slightly more inviting, charming, cozier feel to it.  Saint Paul felt more...laid back, romantic and meandering to me.  Eze felt a tad more touristy and staged.  BUT, the views from Eze were mind-blowing.  I was so bummed that on the day I went, it was foggy, the sky filled with mist and clouds.  Without that obstruction, the views would have been just...WHOA.

So, without further ado, enjoy the photos below of Eze.

See the highway on the right side?  That winds alongside the stony cliff sides?  That is the route our bus took, bringing us to Eze.  One of the most scenic bus rides I have ever been on, to be sure.

Why did it have to be foggy on this day?!?! :-/

Pretty psyched to finally be in one of the spots that has been at the top of my must-see list for years now! :-D

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