Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Weekly Wanderings in Frankfurt

Hi all,

Happy springtime in Frankfurt!  I decided it was time for another weekly wanderings of Frankfurt.  The photos from the top of my cell phones recently snapped shots...

Spring in Frankfurt! <3

Food at Vevay in Frankfurt.  YUM!

GREAT book.  Loved this.  The writing was excellent and the stories, unique, mind opening, captivating.

Quinoa with sweet pepper, pomegranate, spinach and salmon.  Mmmmm.

Plus, some delicious, delectable food for your viewing and eating pleasure, all courtesy of Sweet. Raw. Free. blog!!  Recipes (and more food porn) available on the site.  All recipes are grain free, lactose free, sugar free and/or raw!  Easy to make with as few ingredients as possible.  Enjoy!

Four ingredient chocolate muffins.

Matcha French Toast.  The. Bomb.

Seven ingredient banana bread.

Greek yogurt chocolate mousse pie.

These Pumpkin pancakes.  Grain free, lactose free and sugar free.  My new favorite.  Like eating pumpkin pie.  Mmmmm.

Devilish eggs.

Mango crumble.

Look at these beauties.  DELISH.

Mock mushroom risotto.

Brunching heaven.

The most chocolatey, rich, moist, delicious zucchini cake.  Mmmmmm.

Raspberry Chia Jam.  Sugar free and YUM.

Annnnnnd, coming up in the next couple months...!!

Dresden, Germany with Judith

Bamberg, Germany with Bhakti

Florence and Sienna, Italy with Judith

Stay tuned for these upcoming blog entries with loads of photos, recommendations and travel stories!! :-D coming soon.

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