Monday, October 16, 2017

Wandering in charming Newmarket, New Hampshire.

Explorations of Newmarket from yesterday include a pausing in Crackskulls, highly recommended by my friend, Derek where we decided on meeting for what was initially intended to be a writing day.  This quickly dissolved into an afternoon that, instead of writing, was filled with great conversation (as is always the case between us). 

The two of us discussing a plethora of topics, from relationships, differing types of connections experienced with different people, how does one differentiate between the 7s and the 9s in terms of matches and connection points between two people, close friendships, how needs shift and vary in relationships/friendships throughout the years, the list went on. 

In a way, we did delve into something akin to writing, though instead of our thoughts relegated to paper, they were exchanged verbally.  So engaging, interesting and such fun.

I love the way our friendship has evolved, ebbed, flowed, and shifted over the years.  In a number of surprising ways, in all wonderful ones, its just a really neat thing.  Something we touched upon in our discussion yesterday.  To me, its an interesting and noteworthy example of what a friendship between two people can be, regardless of gender but more so, I am merely making the point of what the trajectory of a friendship might/can be in general.  Some of how ours has been: unexpected, sweet, awesome, inspiring, layered, lots of fun, interesting, maintained with intent.

We wandered the charming, New England-esque city of Newmarket.  Tiny, foliage laden, charming, quaint.  With cozy cafes and sweet little shops.  Derek took me to several of his favorite picturesque spots.  One of which along the river is lined with way cool renovated factory apartments.  My new dream address ;-) though I seem to have many going perpetually at any given time. 

(To name a few: Boston...Portsmouth, NH....Paris...somewhere in Italy such as Florence...Prague...and Amsterdam).  Now adding one of the converted factory style lofts in Newmarket to the list.

Some photos of our meanderings of Newmarket below...

Derek commented, "ok, now lets take a couple of serious, more pensive photos."  

"I cant," I told him laughing.  "I always smile in photos.  I'm not good at making serious faces."

"Come on, just try," he said smirking.

These were the two outtakes... ;-p

(The process involving my attempting to keep a straight face and then breaking into silent fits of giggles as the photos were snapped).

Lunch was had at the Oak House where we split a burger and salad.  The salad topped with fresh cheese, red beets, onion, mango and ginger dressing, so good.  And the burger spilling over with gouda, caramelized onions and a delicious sauce, oh man.  Delectable.  The menu here in general looks mouthwatering.  Something I could happily work my way through coming over once a week and sampling something different each time.

Not an exact replica of the burger we ate...but close enough to how it looked ;-)

Crazy that we have been friends since we were 16 years old!  Essentially half of each of our life.  So cool.  We were talking about this a bit during our wanderings of Newmarket.  How neat, surprising and awesome it is, that we have stayed in touch throughout the years and remained friends.

For a bit more on Derek as a person (he's pretty awesome.  A rare, wonderful individual, one I am lucky to know), here is a blog entry I wrote detailing our friendship and some words on Derek from a while back.

So, in a wrap on this entry, Newmarket is a sweet little town very worthy of a visit.  Loaded with inviting little boutique shops, cute cafes, and hole-in-the-wall, rustic restaurants, all while the city itself is walkable and picturesque.  Its a great place to wander for an afternoon, especially with fall foliage at its peak.

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