Thursday, December 21, 2017

Best Boston Spots for a Sweet Tooth

Hi all!  Happy Holidays :-D

Having something of a sweet tooth myself (understatement of the year ;-)), putting together a list such as this was an easy one.  Especially with the recent blowing in of such bone chilling temperatures, coupled with Christmas being just around the corner.  While one can always find ample excuses for eating sweets (at least this girl can), the sub zero temps and specific season certainly add further fuel for enthusiasm toward consuming sweet treats.

Below, a list of some of the best places in Boston to satisfy that hankering for something saccharine:

The Danish Pastry House.  I may be slightly biased in that I worked here for some time.  But prior to that is when my love affair with DPH began, living just a few blocks away from this spot for several years.  Being a hop, skip and a jump away making it an easy place to access and thus, fall head over heels for.  This cozy, authentic European bakery bursting at the seams with tasty treats.  Their lemon raspberry cake, to die for.  The fist-size cream puff, a sinfully indulgent treat.  The Danish chocolate cake, while simple in appearance, so moist and chocolatey.  The icing snail, deceptively appearing as something of a dry cinnamon roll but not even close- instead, a marzipan laced, chewy, sweet swirled confection of awesomeness.
(The photos below, my own from prior visits to the DPH :-))

Freak Frappes at Boston Burger Co.  Not only does this place have bangin burgers.  All towering, mouthwatering, topped with a nearly endless variety of condiments and mish mashes of ingredients- one of my favorite burger places in Boston to date.  (So, come here for one of those sometime, regardless).  But these Freak Frappes? While I've never taken the plunge and consumed one myself (as I would rather not gain 3lbs nor go into diabetic shock in one sitting), they are pretty impressive, to say the least.  Certainly not for the faint of heart, but such jaw dropping fun to look at.

L.A. Burdick.  An upscale, romantic, cozy little sweet shop and café.  Offering a wide selection of gourmet chocolates on hand, with an extensive sweet menu available for sitting and enjoying in house.  Each confection a work of art, in and of itself.  This place is legendary for their hot chocolate, supposedly some of the best in the city.  I personally love the atmosphere.  Charming cafes aren't found in abundance around here unfortunately.  Sure, great café is easily accessible through Boston, but coupled with great atmosphere?  A bit harder.  This place is pretty dang good in that regard.  Inviting and exuding a lit-from-within warmth inside.  Even to come and sit with a tea would be a lovely afternoon spot.

Georgetown Cupcake.  Most of the cupcakes here are mouthwatering and totally tasty.  A few on occasion are a tad too dense or not quite moist enough.  However the frosting?  Always a hit.  A rich, sugary, thick swirling atop each tiny cake.  I could eat this stuff on its own, sans cake, just as easily.  Amazing.  They also tend towards having a wide ranging of flavors available for ones tasting pleasure.  Worth a trip here for sure.

Blackbird Donuts.  This artisanal donut shop offers up flavors in both the sweet and savory veins, many of which are rather unique combinations.  Some examples of actual flavors include: coconut marshmallow, guava glazed, chocolate pretzel, cinnamon sugar stack, citrus old fashioned, and mint chocolate chip.  The flavors change and rotate often.  While the shop itself is small and generally take-out only, the treats here are more than worth the trip.  Delicious.

Tatte offers fine, European style baked goods, as well as gourmet sandwiches and salads.  They bake their pastries and bread daily, as well as have an extensive hot drink menu and weekend brunch menu available.  The atmosphere in many of the Tattes around Boston is also pretty inviting and cozy.  A not-very-common aspect to many of the cafes around the city, which, after coming back from years living in Europe, leaves something to be desired for sure.  This place more than fits the bill, in both food and ambiance.

Flour BakeryThis place is top notch.  With all sorts of goodies enticing one for eating.  A delectable blueberry cheesecake, including other cheesecake flavors as well as traditional cakes.  Scones, cookies, pecan rolls, breakfast pastries, croissants, as well as savory items on offering (sandwiches, soups, etc).  Yum, yum.  You can come and sit for a leisurely meal, or just grab a sweet treat, whichever suits your fancy.

Mikes Pastry.  Personally, I think this place is slightly overrated, though its still pretty dang good. For sure, one of the best pastry shops in the North End of Boston.  Shelves and shelves of Italian cookies, pastries, numerous slices of cake, several variants of cannoli, and more on offering.  A line almost perpetually out the door.  And affordable prices to boot.  You can snag a box of several items for $10 pretty easily.

Kanes Donuts.  The original opened back in 1955 in Saugus, MA.  They've become something of a Boston icon, their gigantic artisanal donuts prepared daily, and absolutely delicious.  Their cinnamon rolls having become something of a legend, clocking in at roughly the size of ones head.

Lyndells Bakery is a storied, baked goods, sweet shop dating back to 1887!!  They have a sampling of what seems like everything on offering, from black and white cookies to cupcakes, Italian pastries, pies, breads, and more.

Marias Pastry Shop.  Supposedly some of the best cannoli in Boston.  As well as, rumored to be a phenomenal Italian bakery in general.  An extensive offering available of all sorts of Italian sweet treats.  Located just at the end of the North End, easy to find and very worthy of pausing to pop into.

Oakleaf Cakes Bake Shop. Run by a couple and, as the name implies, their specialty is cakes.  The frosting thick and sweet (my type of frosting.  Mmmmm) but also on offering including cookies, muffins, brownies and homemade poptarts.

Omni Parker House Hotel.  Come here only for their Boston Cream Pie.  Its supposed to be legendary, and supposedly the best in the city.  Rumors abound that the dessert even originated here.

Crema Cafe, a charming little spot in Harvard Square.  While they don't cater primarily to the sweet stuff, the desserts they do have on hand are delish.  Cupcakes in a fun combination of flavorings, (Mexican hot chocolate, lavender and honey, basil and raspberry), bar cookies, brownies, scones, and small cakes, plus their grilled sandwiches are to die for.  This is the perfect place to hole up with a warm beverage and a great book for the afternoon.  What became something of a weekly tradition between myself and a great friend for about a year (back several years ago)- loved this.

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