Sunday, March 25, 2018

Skiing at Sugarbush Vermont and Winter Wanderings

This past weekend was spent in a winter wonderland over in Northfield, Vermont with Maxx and Ida, two with whom I adore spending time, whenever and wherever I can.  Whatever we do, its always a fabulous time.  This particular weekend, we decided on some skiing at Sugarbush Mountain for our adventure.  Having heard great things about the mountain, though never venturing there prior, both of us were looking forward to it. 

I think I can say with confidence though that the mountain met and even exceeded both our expectations.  The skiing was superb.  The snow smooth, well groomed, screamin fast ;-).  I had some of the most exhilarating, smooth, awesome runs I have had skiing within the last several years, here at Sugarbush.  Maxx and I commenting to one another more than once throughout the day that "whoa, this is some of the best skiing I have ever done/experienced."

We stayed at a cozy Airbnb both Friday and Saturday nights, in the downstairs apartment of a lovely farmhouse type place, atop Turkey Hill Road in Northfield, VT.  The photos just below showcase our walk from this (Sunday) morning.  Peaceful, snow strewn, a blanket of thick glittering white, serene, and romantic.  We had interesting conversation, enjoyed the crisp air, and laughed together watching Ida frolic in the snow like a bunny, jumping in and out, rushing after a stick Maxx had thrown and then, once retrieved, prancing around with it in her mouth, as proud as could be.

The weekend included: much pancake and donut eating, tea drinking, Uno and Mille Borne card game battles ;-p, a few poignant heart to heart conversations, much engaging and fun talk, two beautiful walks outside, action packed ultra fast skiing, reading together in the car, listening to a podcast, and much smiling and laughter.  To name just a smattering of snapshots from our time together.

This and the next 5 photos showcase the street/neighborhood we stayed in for the weekend.  Gorgeous and so quintessential New England winter wonderland, isn't it?

On the mountain :-D

Sunday found us in Montpelier, Vermont, exploring their ever-so-charming downtown area.  We walked among the shops, a plethora of other people out and about, meandering around on their morning along with us.  I popped into a tiny bookstore, snagged us a couple chocolate truffles in a colorful little sweet shop, and we strolled alongside charming, enticing, cute shops, cafes, and boutiques.  Peering in windows and commenting on cool looking spots.

This included, at Maxxs suggestion, a venturing to Birchgrove Bakery, where he assured me they had freshly baked donuts on Sunday.  After a long walk (on which I nearly insisted we turn back, much to his fond and amused head shaking) we made it to the bakery.  My rushing up to the door in excitement upon spotting it (to which he commented, "See?  Now you're excited to be here haha."). 

The inside was bright, inviting, trendy, a bit hipster and bohemian.  And sure enough, a small stack of freshly baked donuts awaited us on the counter.  In fact, we snagged 2 of the only remaining 4 for the whole day.  I chose one vanilla glazed and one maple glazed, each of us getting half of each to try. 

We agreed almost immediately and simultaneously that these donuts replaced Union Square Donuts in Boston for the top slot of "best donut ever sampled."  Whoa.  These guys were just mind-blowing.  Pillowy soft, sweet, hands down, best donuts I have ever eaten.  These take the cake, pun intended.  A close second though?  Union Square Donuts in Boston.

While skiing at Sugarbush, after enjoying our lunch of sushi, Maxx suggested we split a crepe.  Stuffed with Nutella, strawberries and topped with whipped cream (as well as, made with chickpea flour), man oh man, this was yummy.  The Skinny Pancake knows how to serve up the good stuff, that's for sure.  We sat, ate, and rested, while playing a game of Mancala together too.

Sugarbush mountain(s) map




Highly recommend the skiing at Sugarbush.  I finally get what all the hype is about.  This place is superb.  And there is much to do, explore, and interesting spots for venturing close by.  A great weekend getaway for New Englanders who love snow sports, pretty towns, and weekend road trips.

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