Thursday, April 4, 2019

Best Boston Brunching

Hi, fellow brunch lovers and foodies,

Here is a list of, in my humble opinion, some of the most fawn-over worthy brunches in Beantown. 

Of course, there are two caveats.  One being that there are a plethora of places I have not yet sampled and thus, this list is limited to those I have experienced thus far.  And two, this is a relative idea.  "Best" in my opinion will differ in another's.

With that said, I feel confident that in checking out one of the following for brunching, it will result in your reveling in and swooning over a scrumptious, truly excellent meal.

Little Donkey.  The food here is bomb.  Also a bright, cozy, and trendy space.

Tatte.  This place boosts a very Instagram-worthy interior, as well as, is spilling at the seams with desserts to die for.

Lincoln Tavern.  Piles of pancakes on offering, in all manner of amusing and imaginative flavors.  The brunch menu is extensive, inventive, and delish.

The Paramount.  All sorts of classic, homey, totally tasty breakfast options here.  Eggs, French toast, Omelettes, you name it.

By Chloe.  The inside is way funky and cool, the food, whimsical and so yum.  A slightly upscale, fast food esque, vegan place worth checking out.

South End Buttery.  Housed in one of the more romantic, brick lain, photogenic areas in Boston, and with decadent desserts to boot.  A walk after dessert with tea in hand?  Yes, please.  

Veggie Galaxy.  The menu is pages long, with all manner of vegan offerings.  As well as a towering dessert display, with loads of sweets available for sampling.

Life Alive.  Entrees and snacks you can feel good about eating, overflowing with vegetables, rice, and succulent sauces.  The food here is scrumptious, and super healthy!

Thinking Cup.  A low lit, charming, inviting cafe, with the BEST desserts.

3 Little Figs.  Feeling as though it could be a breezy cafe in Greece somewhere (with the blue and white color theme), this place is airy, alight, and the menu is simple, though enticing and healthy.

Boston Public Market.  A boatload of food offerings in here, from sweet treats, to seafood, vegan baked goods, crepes, ice cream, to veggie stalls, and fruits.

Coppersmith.  The interior of this place is way fun.  Vast, airy, trendy, red brick lain, sprinkled with all manner of copper accents.  A loft-like, factory-in-a-past-life type of feel to this too cool spot.  Highly recommend for any meal really, or for drinks on a date.  Great atmosphere.  And get here fast, since the rumor is that its closing soon for good!

Myers and Chang.  The food here is phenomenal.  Ate here recently and my mind was blown.  The menu is inspired, trendy, and fun, though cooked, seasoned, and baked to perfection.  The interior is also pretty whimsical and fun.

The Gallows.  This restaurant is housed in a spot where apparently real gallows used to exist in Boston, hence the name.  The theme is slightly dark and macabre, with a Ouija board on one wall, crow motifs and themes of darkness and hauntings sprinkled subtly throughout.  Apparently on Halloween, its way cool.  They deck the place out, with bats hanging from any and every spot on the ceiling.  All the food here is excellent.  I've had brunch, drinks, and dinner.  All mouthwatering and truly awesome.

Love <3

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