Friday, April 12, 2019

Upcoming European Adventure!!!

Happy Friday, all!

In terms of thrilling news and anticipatory upcoming adventures, I have something exciting to share for fellow travel lovers.  In just one month, a novel and new European venture will be unfolding.  Between the days of May 11 through to May 21, I will be flying back to EUROPE!!!  What was my home for 4 years :-D (up until my moving back to the US about 1.5 year ago). 

See below for a preview of where we will be trekking in just four weeks from now!

1st stop: Venice, Italy.

Then, on to Borghetto, Italy.

3rd stop: Cortina D'Amprezzo, Italy.  We will spend Maxx's 30th birthday here!

Then, off to Slovenia, where we will both do and see the following...

Lake Bohinj


Paragliding :-D. Yes, we are doing it!

Glamping, here on these very campgrounds!

The Soca River, where we will be...

White water river rafting!

As well as, exploring Vintgar Gorge...supposed to be stunning.

And lastly...on to where I will introduce Maxx, the man I love... these fabulous people, whom I also love!!!!!!!



Melissa and Davor



Valerie (on the left).

As well as, visiting my old neighborhood!

And romping around Frankfurt!!!

Stay tuned, for LOADS of photos, details, and recommendations once the trip actually comes to pass.

The countdown is on.  Four weeks!

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