Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fun for Foodies and Science Lovers!

For all of you who LOVE food (I suspect that's like...90% of people ;-)) as well as those who find science interesting as well...I have some fascinating food facts for you!  Get ready to be intrigued...possibly even shocked...and once finished reading, ready to run out to your grocery store with the excitement you'll soon feel after reading this information.

You've all heard the phrase "you are what you eat" of course. This is actually fairly accurate!!!  I never fully realized the power that certain foods had once processing inside of our bodies.  Its pretty neat.  I bought a book a couple months back related to foods and how what we eat is directly connected to not only how our bodies function, but also our moods, certain diseases and even how we look (such as, our skins clarity, our hair, etc)!

Check out these cool food facts:

Cinnamon.  This sweet spice keeps blood sugar steady, preventing insulin spikes which can ultimately lead to wrinkles and blemishes.  Therefore, it helps prevent this.  It can be used to help treat coughing, arthritis and sore throats.  It can also help improve and regulate blood sugar levels in people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Cucumber is essential for healthy connective tissue, for skin moisture and elasticity.  Its PACKED with water for hydration to your body, as well as its detoxifying powers on the body.  Potassium in cucumbers keeps nutrients circulating in your body well, while magnesium helps keep you feeling calmer!  Imagine that.  Foods can even help with your moods :-D so cool.  While helping to lower blood pressure, cucumbers are also anti-inflammatory, they help with the cleansing of your kidneys, and they may even help keep you slim!!!  Cucumbers are clearly worth eating, with all those incredible benefits.

Garlic is a food that's incredible for your body.  Who would have thought, with its repellent powers in relation to ones breath ;-)  However garlic is very powerful in terms of reducing inflammation in the body, it helps prevent diseases (specifically cancer), it helps out with skin issues like acne or skin sensitivity, as well as it boosts circulation in the body and increases the bodies anti-aging defenses.  How is that for packing a punch??

Green tea is another awesome food (though I guess I mean drink).  Green tea has the ability to block wrinkle formation in the body, as well as even helping to reverse UV damage from the sun!!  Green tea is said to help improve brain functioning, help with increasing your bodies fat burning abilities, may lower your risk for various types of cancers, as well as lowering risk for Alzheimer disease and helping to lower your risk of infection in the mouth and helping improve dental health.  YOWZA!!!  Green tea is clearly a super drink, so drink up!

Nuts are an incredible healthy fat that one should eat more of (instead of other kinds of fats like sugar or chips).  Nuts help with reducing inflammation in the body, they help with wrinkle prevention, they lead to radiant hair and skin, and they also help keep you fuller longer (which may contribute to eating less overall).

Onions are also an outstanding super-food.  Get ready for this: they boost circulation in the body and help fight disease with antiviral detoxifying properties.  They are a VERY strong anti-inflammatory food, reducing inflammation in the body.  Onions help prevent acne and cell damage, they assist with slowing the aging process, and they help protect skin from UVB damage.  They also lower ones risk of cancer.  AND they are a great source of vitamin B6 for healthy hair and nails.  Soooo it sounds like, onion breath be damned ;-p because the benefits make it totally worth it.

Pomegranates are a remarkable anti-aging and anti-wrinkle food.  They boost blood flow to organs and cells.  They have more antioxidants in them than blueberries, green tea or red wine!!!  Pomegranate is a powerful cleaner of the lymph and blood, for the clear, radiant skin you are dreaming of.  These can be the little red gems that help you achieve the glowing skin you want :-).  They also have anti-cancer properties, especially related to prostate cancer.

Pumpkin is another anti-inflammatory food.  It packs a lot of Vitamin A which is crucial for beautiful skin, hair, nails, bones and teeth.  Pumpkin protects eyes from again free-radical damage, reduces water retention to keep you slimmer and tastes GREAT!  (Think: Pumpkin Pie... ;-))

Strawberries are yet another anti-inflammatory.  These red stunners also help prevent diseases (though specifically in relation to cancer), they help with skin issues like acne and skin sensitivities.  They help to boost circulation in the body and they boost the bodies anti-aging defenses.

And last but not least, Olive Oil (though specifically Extra Virgin).  There are MAJOR antioxidants in this cooking ingredient which help to keep ones skin looking supple and young.  Olive oil can help maintain a trimmer waist line, reduce the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure and raise ones levels of good HDL cholesterol.  It also has anti-inflammatory powers, as well as helping with UV protection and is fantastic in assisting against aging.

Therefore, you see, making sure to mix a number of healthy foods into your daily diet is absolutely worth the bang for your buck in terms of the physical, emotional, health and appearance-based payoffs!!!  SO cool :-D


  1. these days I think of fresh fruits and vegetables as both healthier and way more economical than many other foods. Where else can you pay less for the better product? What a great deal!

  2. these days I think of fresh fruits and vegetables as both healthier and way more economical than many other foods. Where else can you pay less for the better product? What a great deal!