Monday, June 1, 2015

Great Frankfurt Finds!!!

I have been doing a lot of fun things in Frankfurt as of late.  Many of them are new places I had never tried before!  And all of them thus far, I would recommend.  Without further ado, let me tell you about these fantastic finds of the past week...

The Experiment Museum in Frankfurt is a really neat, little science museum in the city center.  There are lots of cool experiments, activities, hands-on exhibits and more, that all relate to different areas within science.  Some things relate to the weather, others to energy, others to color and shadow, some are related to physical strength, others to movement, there is just a fantastic variety of activities to explore here.  This is a great place to spend a couple of hours on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

Sullivan's Bar right near Hauptwache in the city center.  I went here on a whim with a friend and really loved it.  The atmosphere is dimly lit, with a slightly sexy and glamorous vibe, while also managing to feel low key and inviting.  The space is cozy, a bit on the small side, lending to it an intimate feel.  Most of the people here were well dressed business men and women, having just gotten out of work and heading out for after-work drinks and catching up with friends or colleagues.  I really enjoyed it here and would absolutely go back again.

Sugar Mama is a cute little cafe that I stumbled across when Googling the "best cafes in Frankfurt."  They have supposedly excellent sweets, which for anyone who knows me, would understand why I then made a beeline for this place after having read that.  And what was written is thankfully true.  The brownies are fudgy and chocolaty, the closest I have found thus far in Europe to resembling the fudgy richness of American style brownies.  The cafe has a slightly disheveled/mishmash, trendy, cozy feel to it. I really enjoyed it here, so much so that I went back with another friend just a few days after my first visit.

BARcelona Cafe & Restaurant.  This is slightly more of a chain restaurant within Germany, but I like it just the same.  They have delicious burgers (though not quite as good as Fletcher's, which as of now, rates as the best of the best thus far), also a great breakfast I have been told, the pastas are very good, they have a nice array of tapas, pasta dishes, desserts, salads and other offerings.  Every time I have been here, its been hopping!  Both inside and out.  This would be a fun place to go for drinks on a Friday evening.  Though I was here for tea just the other day, and a great conversation that lasted a number of hours actually!  But this is the kind of place one can come to and comfortably stay for quite a while, with either a great book or a friend.  Its lively, bright and inviting.

Joe Pena (Mexican Restaurant).  I had heard much ravings about this place but just tried it for the first time within the past few days.  As a lover of Mexican food, I really enjoyed this.  It doesn't quite measure up to El Pacifico (supposedly the best Mexican food in Frankfurt...of which the pickings for Mexican food in this city are slim, so its probably true), but even so, it was really good.  The nachos (pictured above) were excellent!!  I ordered chicken enchiladas with sides of black beans, rice and guacamole.  These were quite tasty (though again, not excellent).  In the words of Jim Carey, "I've had better" hahaha.  My friend and I shared a strawberry margarita, which was quite delicious, and he enjoyed a chimichanga stuffed with spinach and chicken, of which I was jealous and wished I had ordered that instead for myself.  Overall, I would recommend Joe Penas, though it was a tad pricey, and not as good as El Pacifico, but the food was yummy nonetheless.  

The main bookstore in Frankfurt.  This is one of the places I frequent the most often in Frankfurt.  Though I very rarely buy books unless its truly a special book that I absolutely LOVED and will reread again and again (typically I go to the library for books instead), but I LOVE to come here.  I often spend my lunch breaks during the week strolling the aisles, leafing through different books that interest me, snapping photos on my cell phone of books I know I would like to eventually read (so I don't forget).  I just love coming here.  I get a feeling of excitement, as well as peace and happiness, when browsing and roaming the aisles here.

Echt Bar in Frankfurt.  This was a WAY COOL bar!!!  Tucked inside of what looked to be an old house (with original German timber woodwork and everything, so cool) was this bar, Echt.  The downstairs felt like a glamorous, old bar, while the upstairs almost felt like the cozy loft of someones warm and inviting country home.

Quesadillas!!!  My current food obsession and recipe I have been cooking often for dinner.  For the past couple of weeks, I have eaten these 2-3 times per week.  Oh my gosh, so good.  Who knew that a quesadilla could be made into both a healthy as well as filling meal choice??  And the ingredients one stuffs inside present endless options.  My favorite combinations currently:  combination one includes grilled red peppers, zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes and red onions, topped with goat cheese and a bit of pesto.  Mmmmmm.  Combination two includes avocado, mushroom and onion, topped with melted cheese.  Both are served with salsa for dipping.  Oh. Yeah.

And finally....where I am going THIS Thursday, June 4....drumroll...

Europa Park!!!!  Oh. My. God.  I cannot wait.  As an avid enthusiast of ALL roller coaster and fast rides, I am looking forward to this like a child looks forward to Christmas morning ;-)  I haven't ridden roller coasters in a couple of years now.  Growing up, I went to an amusement park generally at least once a year (most often, for my birthday parties.  For a number of years growing up, we went to a local amusement park near my home to celebrate my birthday and I always really loved this).  So not only do I love the thrill, adrenaline rush and fun of amusement parks, but they also evoke a sense of nostalgia for me too.  If you would like to see more about Europa Park, click here.


  1. Europa Park looks like a gas!

    Oh my goodness, those quesadillas have my mouth watering!

  2. Europa Park looks like a gas!

    Oh my goodness, those quesadillas have my mouth watering!