Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Possibly the MOST EXCITING news of the year!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi All,

BIG news.

This news will be especially poignant to my friends and family who are back in the USA.  Soooo....


My airfare to the USA is BOOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

My official travel dates are as follows:

I depart from Frankfurt on December 23 at 10:50am my time.  I arrive in Boston, MA on that same day at 6:05pm, Boston time.

I fly back to Germany on Saturday, January 2.  My flight departs from Boston, MA at 6:30pm that day to head back to Europe.  I arrive back in Germany the next morning (Sunday, the 3rd) at 10am.

That means I will be visiting all of you wonderful people, whom I am already counting down the days until I see, for a total of 10 days!!!!!!

Its less then I hoped.  Originally I wanted to come sometime in October for 2 weeks total.  But that is the other exciting news.  I have a new job, at one of the top schools here in Frankfurt actually!  The school is called PHORMS and I start that job on August 24.  So, another woo hoo is in order!!  The one slight drawback to this job is that we cannot select when we take our vacations.  We must take them during the time when the school is closed.

That means we have holidays for 1 week in October, 1.5 week in December, 1 week in March and then about 5 weeks in the summer :-D  (the offset to the minor drawback of not being able to choose when we get time off is the addition time off from work that we get, as opposed to my last job.  One of the many things I love about living in Europe).

So my choices were either, come in December for a bit less time, or wait a whole additional year until next summer.  I decided forget the waiting, its already been way, way too long.  So, I snagged my ticket.  This is why I had to make my trip slightly shorter in duration though, and change it from October to December.  But, I will be there.  As I said, the ticket is booked.  Time to PARTY!!!!!!!!

I have already begun excitedly making lists of the foods I want to eat while there, items I need to buy to bring back to Europe with me and the people I must see!

On my list of must-eat foods, here is what I am coveting as of now (though I am sure I will think of a number of other things within the next few months).
(Note: I am basing this list off of a previous blog entry, My Favorite Boston Eats, however while I certainly really like all of these places, they do not all make the cut for "must eat at places"):

Places I must eat at include...

Pizza from Galleria Umberto.  SO incredibly delicious.

An Unos deep dish pizza.  I know its a chain, but its still one of the best pizzas I have ever had.  The crust is thick, flaky and buttery.  The sauce is tangy, flavorful and chunky (I know, I hate that word too, but in this one instance, it signifies deliciousness).  And the cheese is stringy and YUM.

Burgers from Boston Burger Co.  These are still some of the very best burgers I have ever eaten in my life.

Burgers from Mr. Bartleys Burger Cottage.  These come in as a close runner up, for another excellent burger.  This restaurant also holds a few nostalgic memories for me... :-D

The Danish Pastry House.  Not only did I work here but the pastries and cakes are AMAZING!!!  I plan to have a field day putting together an entire box of deliciousness to take home with me that evening.  Oh yeah.

La Carreta (though specifically the nachos).  This place also holds a lot of nostalgia for me as well.  Though the nachos are to die for.

Black Tie Cheesecake from The Olive Garden.  This remains, still, one of my favorite desserts of all time.

Crema in Harvard Square.  I will have a certain date with a special someone here :-) as this was "our place" to meet, eat tasty food and have great conversations.  Lots of fun topics, juicy confessions and heart-to-hearts took place here.

Possibly Rudy's in Somerville (Mexican food).  The nachos and the monstrous combination plates here are the BOMB.  Superb Mexican food.

There you have it.  As of now, those are the establishments that are hot on my radar for chowing down.  And yes, some major chowing down action is going to occur.

Oh my gosh, I really cannot wait to see everyone.  This is SO incredibly exciting.  The countdown begins....!!!!

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