Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fun in the happenin city of Frankfurt!

Fun in the city over the past week....

First stop.....

Louisiana.  A lively bar with a unique atmosphere.  They have an extensive menu here of food, drinks and desserts.  A great place to sit outside during the summer.  Its also situated directly next to a HUGE movie theater where they play both German and English movies.  (I am going to see Jurassic World here tomorrow, June 29!!!  SO excited to see this.  Jurassic Park to me, says childhood nostalgia ;-)).  
Anyway, I have really enjoyed going to Louisiana a couple times in the last few weeks!  Its always a sweet time!

Good Times for Good People.  Currently one of my favorite bars that I have happened upon in Frankfurt thus far.  The inside is cozy, dim, sultry and different.  The drinks here are expensive (my one gripe), but the music is great, the place is always filled with people, inside as well as spilling outside onto the patio.  This is a happening place for a drink on the weekend :-D  I have had lots of fun going here with one of my close friends a number of times this summer.

Photo by Brooke :-) reading at Cafe Hauptwache...

Cafe Hauptwache.  This is a great cafe situated smack dab in the middle of the city.  Fun Fact: this cafe actually used to be a jail!  A few especially notorious criminals were housed here.  Now its a trendy and happening cafe, popular, largely frequented in at most hours of the day.  I like going here lately to read or write while drinking a tea and having some cake.  Its a great place to be among people, as well as do some people watching.

Photo by Brooke :-D

Photo by Brooke :-)

Sugar Mama.  LOVE this cafe.  Its possibly my favorite one in Frankfurt at the moment.  Super charming, a mishmash of furniture, inviting atmosphere, slightly shabby chic.  The cakes here are excellent, as are the cookies and brownies.  I have yet to try the actual food here but it looks delicious and home cooked.  This cafe is also another happening spot in the city.  I just spent my Sunday afternoon here writing and enjoying a brownie and tea :-) great.

Photo by Brooke :-) Mmmmmmmmm

Falafel burger!!!  SO delectable.

Die Kuh Die Lacht.  This is a very decent burger place.  I would hesitate to call it "great" but its close.  However, what they do have that's great is their falafel burger, oh man, yummy.  That is what I have in my hand above.  They do have an extensive burger menu here though, and people really seem to like this restaurant, so I would recommend it.


  1. who took a bite out of my falafel burger?

  2. who took a bite out of my falafel burger?