Monday, October 12, 2015

Explorations of Frankfurt...

With Meghan!!!

Meghan and I met back in Medford, MA while both working at the Danish Pastry House.  We ended up on a number of the same shifts at work, much to our delight, as we realized we had a great click and could talk easily for our entire shift.  We also shared a love of all things sweet.  So naturally Meghan and I hit it off.  

She sent me a Facebook message a couple weeks ago, alerting me that she would be in Frankfurt and would I like to meet up?  My answer was a resounding OF COURSE!!!!!!

Soooooo....take a gander below for the outcome of our visit ;-)

Sachsenhausen, Frankfurt.  I LOVE this area.  Its ultra charming, old, so European, colorful and just awesome.

This is a snapshot of Dough House.  A new bar/club in Frankfurt that is super small and cozy, but the interesting part???  Its an old church, converted into a bar, with all the pews intact and everything.  I am dying to go here and check it out.  I have heard its WAY cool.  Take a look at their website if you are as intrigued as I am by this idea... :-D

Meghan and I were super curious as to what this place appeared to be close down, or long since abandoned, but it looked WAY neat.  Like an old abandoned castle of some sort.

Meghan and I had such fun!!!!  We met at Sugar Mama cafe where we caught up over tea/coffee/brownie and cookies.  This was lots of fun.  Really fun conversation.

Then we headed over to Sachsenhausen for some major walking and exploration, as well as lots of photo taking (which you can see above).  We eventually got quite hungry, so we caught a bus over to Konstablerwache where they have a weekly market going on.  However, while on the hunt for food, we were distracted by the idea of German beer in a hoppin and happening market, so we stopped and drank one :-D

We grabbed one of my favorite German breads after our drinks, a butter brioche roll.  My god.  Slightly sweet, thick, eggy, soft, to die for.

Then we resumed our food hunt.  We went to Cafe Crumble, one of my favorites, where we both enjoyed the pesto, spinach and cheese quiche.  So tasty.  

We spent all day taking photos, talking about all sorts of things, exploring, laughing and catching up.  Such a GREAT day!!!

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