Sunday, October 25, 2015

Halloween Weekend....ANOTHER travel adventure in the works!!

Hi All!!!

I am thrilled to report another travel adventure in the works. Actually, for NEXT weekend (Halloween weekend).  I know, so soon after Budapest, you must be wondering.  I am having a spoiled month in terms of travel excitement and ventures.  But yes, one week from now, I am off again!!  This will be a much shorter and cheaper trip though.

Andy, a friend of mine from Boston, contacted me to let me know he is venturing to Germany.  He said he is planning to stop by Frankfurt as well and asked if I might like to meet up?  Of course!!!  Then he proposed that we do some exploration of Germany together, to which I obviously enthusiastically agreed.  Any excuse to travel, I will snag.  And with a great friend, even better!

I met Andy through Adam, my ex.  The two of them played soccer together, on the same team for a few years actually!  Though I only knew Andy from afar at that time, as one of the friendly players on the team who I sometimes just said hello to.  Then I became good friends with Larin, Andys girlfriend at the time.  She and I really hit it off.  She became a wonderful friend of mine.  Andy, Larin, Adam and I spent time together and had a great time.  So, this is how I know Andy!  Andy is warm, really funny, interesting, intelligent, easy going and fun to be around, if my memory serves me correctly ;-p its been a while since I have seen him!!  Juuuuust kidding about that last bit ha-ha.  In other words, hes a very cool dude.  I am really looking forward to it all.  Should be a major blast!!!

On our itinerary for Halloween weekend...we will road trip it to:

For Saturday, October 31, we will spend the day at Lichtenstein Castle in Germany.

And on Sunday, November 1, we will be in Cochem, Germany!!!

Of course, stay tuned for lots of my own photos from the actual weekend, as well as all the details!!!

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