Saturday, October 10, 2015

Weekly Cell Snaps!!! Frankfurt Fun!

With Valerie, out and about in Frankfurt :-D

View from one of my classroom windows... <3

Annnnnnnd lots of photos of books I am interesting in reading/possibly purchasing at some point ;-)

With Meghan at a street market enjoying German beers!!!

Meghan and I met in Medford, Mass (just outside of Boston) while working together at the Danish Pastry House!  We worked a number of shifts together and really hit it off, chatting easily and for hours.  I always looked forward to working with her.  We worked together for about 8 months or so.

I received a Facebook message from her about a week ago informing me she would be in Frankfurt and asking if I might like to meet up, to which I responded OF COURSE!!!!  Had a blast :-D

Had tea/coffee and sweets at Sugar Mama cafe, wandered around Sachsenhausen area, had beers at the Konstablerwache Saturday Market, and had dinner at Cafe Crumble in Bockenheim!!  Lots of really fun conversation and laughs.

And now for my usual ending with a quote... :-)