Sunday, January 17, 2016

Fabulous Frankfurt and more....

FINALLY able to make my Moms "Mighty Goods" pancake recipe (with the Quaker Oats and Brown Sugar I brought back from the USA, plus real maple syrup).  My god.  Be still my heart. They tasted just like the real deal.  FINALLY!!!!  :-D

SNOW!!!!  Yes, I know its just a dusting, but this is all I have learned I will get from Germany in terms of snow.  You gotta work with me on this one ;-), so this light dusting is lovely!

ANOTHER one!!!! <3  <3  <3  From two students I especially like a lot.

Snow globe gift from one of my favorite students <3

One of my new favorite looks... :-D  

The book pile continues to grow....and grow...and grow...

And now, a few more photos from Boston and New Hampshire, which I was unable to post until now!!

Left to right: Judith (one of my best friends in Germany, who happened to be in Boston at the same time as me!!!!  SO cool!!!!), Alex, and Ashley.  Two of my awesome and close friends from back in Massachusetts.

Reunited with my sweet, Bug.  He was the cat that Adam and I owned for around 5 years.  In other words, my baby.  Then my outstanding friend, Jenn took him in for me upon my move overseas.  Seeing him words can describe.  AWESOME.  My heart exploded :-D

Siblings <3

My Mom LOVED this for some reason haha.  This was my outfit to go outside in the dark with her and Spencer, to watch as she set a lantern off into the sky.  Ready to brave the cold!!  ;-p


  1. Wait, you can't get oats or brown sugar in Germany???

    1. I can get oats ;-) though I LOVE Quaker ones. And Brown sugar, I cannot get packed Brown sugar over here. Only granulated Brown sugar, which doesnt work for a number of the recipes I want to make. It results in a different taste and texture :-/
      But, now I am equipped ;-)