Saturday, January 9, 2016

Winter Wonderful

Hi All,

At the moment while finding ourselves within the depths of winter time, I thought it was fitting to do one of my list entries about the various books, TV shows, movies, activities, foods, etc that are best experienced during the winter time (at least in my own opinion ;-)).  To me, winter conjures up images of snowy nights spent indoors under the cozy cover of blankets or in front of a roaring fire, eating delicious comfort food, burying oneself in gripping and awesome books, baking sweet treats, losing oneself in great conversation with friends over delectable food, etc.

Without further ado, here are my winter lists.  Enjoy!!  Hoping these will give you more reasons/ideas to revel in this season with.


  (I just started this one!)

(One of my very favorites ever)


-Snuggling in front of the fireplace and reading

-Spending an entire day watching movies in cozy flannel pajamas

-Baking up something super tasty

-Taking a walk in the snowy woods 
-Trying out a new restaurant that has caught your interest
-Getting your heart pumping and sweaty in a fun workout class
-Whiling away the afternoon in your favorite cafe with a great read, writing, or people watching
-Scattergories (the BEST board game ever, aside from 13 Dead End Drive ;-p)

-Cards Against Humanity with a group of friends

-Spending an afternoon browsing in the bookstore

-Skiing or snowboarding

-Traveling to Germany for the phenomenal Christmas Markets!!!

TV Shows

-Friday Night Lights

-The Affair

-Six Feet Under


-Macaroni and Cheese

-Eggplant Parmesan


-Hot chocolate


-Pasta topped with pesto sauce

-Brioche Bread

-Sacher Torte Cake

-Hot milk with honey




-Its a Wonderful Life

-Love, Actually

-You've Got Mail

-The Nightmare Before Christmas

-King Kong (the new one)
-Last of the Mohicans

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