Monday, January 11, 2016

Friend Spotlight

Hi all!

Today, I would like to put the spotlight on Derek Price.  He has been one of my longest friendships, and is an awesome one.  Definitely one worth putting the spotlight on.

Derek and I first met when we were just 16 years old!!  We were colleagues at Sears in Newmarket, New Hampshire.  Somehow, we caught one anothers eye and got to talking.  Our friendship was truly cemented on the fateful summer evening at the beach when, after playing Frisbee and walking along the surf, I locked my keys in the car.  Those who know me probably just read this and shook their heads smiling, thinking, typical Brooke thing to do.  Anyway, after that night, the deal with sealed and Derek and I are still great friends to this day :-D

Derek came over to my house numerous times throughout the years and has gotten to know my family fairly well.  He helped my little sister learn a bit of guitar.  He and I shared many meals and conversation in my Moms living room.  We met at Borders bookstore a few times and caught up over coffee drinks and lots of fun stories.

Derek is a person I like deeply as well as admire.  He is warm, big hearted and open minded.  In fact, Derek is one of the least judgmental, most open people that I know.  He is accepting, caring, easy going, and loyal.  Yet, he stands strong for the things he believes in.  He is creative, poetic and musical.

Derek is someone I can laugh with, someone I can talk to, someone I feel comfortable with and someone whose company I enjoy very much.

Derek stands for worthwhile causes such as women rights (we could use a lot more men like Derek in this regard), children rights, gay rights, etc.  He is a musician, poet, performer and writer.

Derek works as a therapist to people with varying levels of mental illnesses, and I cannot think of a better line of work for him.  He is such an approachable person, such a great listener, so understanding and interested in helping others.  I already know he is incredible in this position.

Derek is someone who is easy to talk to.  Whenever we meet up once again, whether its been just 6 months since we saw one another last, or 2 years, we can easily pick up where we left off and jump right into fun as well as personal conversation.

I am pleasantly surprised to say that we have remained friends for all these years.  He is a friend I am blessed to have in my life and to know.  I look forward to many more years of friendship with him.


  1. I'd love to have the pleasure of meeting Derek sometime.

  2. I'd love to have the pleasure of meeting Derek sometime.

  3. That is a major cute pic in the sweaters at the end of the blog.