Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Most Recent 12

Hi all,

Here they are.  The 12 most recent photos snagged off my cell phone camera gallery.  No surprise to those who know me, the collection is mostly 1. books and 2. sweets.  
Two of my favorite things ever.

Distraction.... :-D.  And one of my very favorite kinds.

Minutes fall away as I rifle through the stacks.  Love this.

The best work break ever.  Tea and marzipan!

I found an AWESOME, totally luscious chocolate cake here in Frankfurt.  As an aside, this was no easy feat.  Its akin to finding an awesome burger in Germany.  Rare.  A real gem of a find.  Most chocolate cake here is somewhat dry, light on flavor and doesn't pack much of a rich chocolaty punch.  This one totally does the trick.  You can find it at Balzac Coffee.
You're welcome ;-p

Doner wrap with hummus....Mmmmmmmm...

Butter cake.  Topped with sugar and almonds.  One of my favorites ever.

Annnnnnnd, as an exciting aside, stay tuned.  This Saturday I will embark on a day trip, just a hop, skip and a jump away, with a great friend to Limburg!!!!  A new German town for me to explore.  Expect to see lots of fun photos come Sunday.  
Stay tuned.

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