Sunday, February 14, 2016

Most Marvelous and Magical Travel Moments of my Life...Thus Far.

Hi All,

With the new year somewhat already underway, I decided to post a smattering of my very favorite travel photos of all time (at least, up until this point ;-)). I have no doubt that there are more to come.  But for the time being, these are the ones that land among my favorites.  Both in terms of the travel adventure itself, as well as the photograph itself.

Important note: the earlier photos were all taken with fairly crappy point-and-shoot cameras.  Not until 2011 or so did I come into possession of a halfway decent camera.  And as you can see, the photos improve noticeably past that point.

Also, I realize that for a lot of these photos, a ton of editing could have been done.  People cropped out of the changed, etc.  I just didn't have the time to go through and edit all of these.  So for now, I present you with the raw, uncut, straight up original photos.  
My very favorites as of now.

Boston, Massachusetts (with one of my close friends from college, Karen)

Daytona, Florida for spring break with three of my close college girlfriends.

Green beer on St. Patrick's Day.

Studying abroad in Italy during the summer of 2008 (and after my studies commenced, my Mom flew over to visit me/travel with me to Paris and Rome).  I was 22 years old :-D

I was forced to don this ultra flattering paper cape upon entering the cathedral in Florence, as a result of being dressed in a jeans skirt and tank top.  Awesome, eh?

Venice <3

FIRST day in Florence, Italy.  My god was I psyched.

With Mom in Venice

With my Mom in Florence <3

Paris :-D

Cinque Terre with Johanna.

Traversing through Italy with Adam.

Orlando, Florida and Harry Potter World with Sarah.

Paris, France (as well as Giverny, France) with Adam.

Annnnnnd, Paris, France again while living abroad <3

New York City with Alex, Dan, Leanne, Kent and Adam.

Arizona with Adam to visit my Grandpa as well as his family.

My family's lake house on Lake Superior.  Nearly every summer since I was a toddler, my Dad, brother, Spencer and me would travel here and spend a week or so with the rest of the family right on the lake.  I love this place.  Lots of childhood nostalgia for me.

Yup, that would be me and my family :-D during one of our usual summers at the lake.  I am 7 or 8 years old in this photo.

Hawaii with Adams family.


Prague, Czech Republic- I lived here during autumn of 2013 and fell in love with it.

Made my own sweet bread from scratch.  Delicious.

Lucerne, Switzerland

Rothenberg, Germany (my favorite German city)

California with my Mom and sister, Lexie.

Lots of explorations of Boston, Massachusetts with Lexie.

Plum Island every year for my birthday with my family :-D

Berlin, Germany with Judith

Exploring Germany with Jenn and Steve (Heidelberg, Rudesheim, Frankfurt).

Freiburg, Germany with Travis

Solo Trip on my own to Italy

Budapest, Hungary with Somayeh

Cochem, Germany and Lichtenstein Castle with Andy

Solo Trip on my own to Portugal

Salzburg, Austria with Becca

Exploring much more of Germany on weekends with Sally (Kronberg...Bad Hamburg...Konigstein...Mainz)

Alt Sachsenhausen, Frankfurt, Germany

Berlin with George

My first time in Paris :-D I was 22 years old. 
Best moment ever.

Heidelberg, Germany

Boston, Massachusetts, one of my favorite cities in the world!

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  1. Pretty exciting travels across a good portion of the world, looks exciting!