Thursday, February 4, 2016

Long Hiatus...weekly wanderings and BIG news!

Hi all,

I apologize for the long hiatus since I last posted.  I realize its been a little over a week.  Here are some of my latest weekly wanderings (photos from my cell phone).  I will post another entry by Monday, February 8!!  I am away for the weekend but will post as soon as I return.  In the meantime...I have been enjoying lots of tasty treats and yummy edible items as of late.

Snow!!!!!!  <3  Yes, its only a dusting, but its a lovely one.

The easier way to distract me...ever.

Giving them a try with peanut butter on top.  Mmmmmmm.

I actually found a place in Frankfurt where they make cinnamon rolls.  Scratch that, a friend brought me to this gem.  And they do not have just one kind but like 6 different varieties.  Whoa.  This is AMAZING.  Thank you, Allison.  You made my week!!

Annnnnnnnnd, in REALLY big, ultra thrilling, incredibly outstanding news, these two stellar people are coming to visit me here in Frankfurt, Germany during the weekend of April 15!!!!!!  

Tickets are booked.  My heart is racing with excitement.  This is the BOMB.  This literally makes my year.  Two of my closest and most special friends.  I am counting down the days, Alex and Dan.  Its going to be the best :-D

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