Friday, April 1, 2016

Stay tuned...MORE excitement and visitors!!

Hi All,

As you know, I have been away on incredible adventures with my Mom during the past 10 days.  Hence the incredibly sparse blog posting.  On April 4, I will be posting Part One of our mind-blowing travels and experiences, so stay tuned for that!!! 

Another thrilling update (I know, I know, one at a time ;-) but just a preview for what is to come):

These two outstanding people, two of my dearest friends from the Boston area, Alex and Dan are coming to visit me HERE in Germany!!!!  They will arrive and stay for the weekend of April 15 :-D 

April might be the best month EVER for me.  I am so blessed.  So psyched.  It is just the bomb.

AND.  The weekend of May 5....

AMSTERDAM!!!!!  And the world-famous tulip gardens in Holland (see photo directly above) which are open and in bloom for only about 6 weeks during the entire year!!!

End of March into the beginning of May will have been majorly jam-packed for me with ultra awesomeness.

Get excited for some majorly awesome blog posts!!

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