Thursday, April 28, 2016

Part Two of Alex and Dan Visit to Frankfurt!!!

Hi all!

Batch two of the photos from my fabulous weekend with Alex and Dan all takes place in Heidelberg.  We clamored up the steep stone stairway behind quaint, gorgeous, Germanic, timberworked houses (also its worth noting, the houses vacillated between inviting little fairy-tale like homes and conversely ginormous ornate mansions).  The climb was a sharp incline but luckily not too many stairs, whew, the one saving grace of the deal.

Once at the top, we made our way into the castle grounds.  We paid the entry fee and were permitted into the courtyard as well as to wander all around the outside of the towering structure, on all sides.  We snapped loads of photos of the castle itself and of the sweeping panoramic views below us, the hills, the lazy river, the homes nestled into the mountains, all laid out beneath us.  The sun was now shining, the air crisp, the sky vivid and blue.  It almost seemed like the perfect day had been given to us as a reward of sorts for the earlier dreary drizzling morning.  We all agreed, we could not have asked for a better day in Heidelberg.

In search of dinner, we made our way slowly down the curving hill back into the old town center.  we passed sweet little homes as we walked, all impossibly inviting and lovely.  We decided on Hans im Gluck for dinner (here is the website link if you are interested).  The inside of the restaurant is memorable, super unique.  Its akin to being inside a forest of birch bark trees.  The inside is cozy, refreshing and eye-catching.  And the food is AWESOME to boot.  I would vouch even more for the vegetarian burgers as opposed to the traditional beef ones.  Some of the best vegetarian burgers I have ever eaten in my life, I had her.  Incredibly flavorful, just super tasty.  I would absolutely come back here.

   After dinner, we meandered down the teeming-with-tourists main shopping street for a few minutes.  Alex and Dan stopped for an after dinner gelato, I stopped for an after dinner green tea.  Then we headed back to the train station.  Noticing we were pressed for time, we hopped on one of the trams passing through the center of town, for a quicker delivery to the train station.  We all looked at one another nervously as we hadn't had time to purchase tickets beforehand, worried we would get caught.  We didn't.  Whew.  We caught the 6:30pm train back to Frankfurt.  

   That evening, we met two of my best friends, Somayeh and Travis, in the city center for drinks, laughs and fun conversation.  We headed to the bar, Good Times for Good People (one of my favorites).  This ended up being a great time!  We all laughed a LOT!  For the first 10 minutes or so, much of the side splitting laughter was at the expense of me, as my friends good naturedly made fun of a few of my more laughable quirks and habits.  
We all stood in a circle, chatting animatedly.  I loved this.  It was short because Alex and Dan had to be up early the next morning, but very sweet.

We left around 10pm and headed back to my place for bed.  Poor Alex and Dan were probably pretty tired, having pulled an all-nighter less then 24 hours before.  

The next morning, we all awoke at the crack of dawn.  I busied myself making pancakes while they showered and got ready.  After a quick breakfast, we hopped on the train to the Frankfurt main station where I bid them farewell.  They were off to Amsterdam!

My heart sunk a bit as I hugged each of them, feeling comfort and joy within their embraces.  I loved every minute of the weekend with them!  SUCH a blast!

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