Monday, August 29, 2016

Cafe Crumble review

Cafe Crumble holds a spot in my heart among favorite cafes in Frankfurt, just next to Sugar Mama (which is my very favorite). 

I first happened upon this cozy little spot well over two years ago.  In fact, its become the default meeting locale when Sally, my dear friend and I, meet for tea and conversation.  Cafe Crumble has also become the place I tend to bring my pile of blank Christmas cards each December and where I sit, the solitary sweet little candle burning brightly on my table, and fill them in for my friends and family.

Cafe Crumble is heavily wooded yet equally balanced in creamy tones throughout the main space.  The cafe is fairly sparse but somehow it manages to feel welcoming and warm inside.  The word I mentioned previously, "cozy" is a fitting one.   They have a patio out back, the ground made up of small pebbles, the tables casually wooded and metal, the chairs folding, the area semi-covered in a shady swath of greenery.  Dali, one of my close friend and I played cards on this patio for a couple of hours one summer afternoon (I taught him Mille Bornes, one of my childhood favorite games) while we sipped our teas and coffee, enjoying the balmy breeze and the trees rustling above us, tucked within their shade.

The tables inside tend to fill up fast after work in the evenings and on weekends beginning around breakfast and just starting to taper off around dinner time.  The patio is equally as full in warmer months.  This is a popular little spot.  I see a fair amount of regulars in here.  People who know its good and continue to return.

The menu is simple, yet well prepared and tasty.  They tend to have some kind of a quiche on offering each day.  Often times there is a pasta dish on the menu.  There is usually a soup of the day, and generally a large meal-sized salad.  They offer various breakfast items.  Eggs, croissants, brioche.  They serve the typical German breakfast of bread, cheeses and cold cuts.

The standout dish here, in my opinion, is their namesake dish.  Their dessert crumble.  This is fabulous.  Usually made with apples and mango, or apples and pear.  Sometimes with a smattering of different berries making for a more colorful, eye-catching option.  Always topped in a sweet, buttery, slightly grainy crumble.  And always poured over with a light vanilla sauce.  This is to die for.  I love this dish.

In terms of other desserts, they have a plethora of regular cakes freshly baked and available for your sampling.  A plain cheesecake, a chocolate crumble cheesecake, a poppy seed cake, egg liquor and chocolate cake, sometimes a cherry cake, carrot cake, and very often they will have a peach crumble cake of some sort.  My favorites would be the chocolate crumble cheesecake and the poppy seed (both pictured below), but all are yummy.

They have a large selection of teas, coffee, hot drinks and cold drinks.  All the menu items are fairly priced here.  Their specialty is breakfast items, though they do offer more in the way of meal options and dish choices.

Their staff has never been anything but warm, courteous and helpful to me.  I have always enjoyed coming in to Cafe Crumble.  It has the vibe of a comfortable quaint dining room.  The perfect spot one could sit with a book or some writing and wile away the afternoon.  Or, an ideal spot to meet a friend for something sweet and fabulous conversation.

Here is a link to their website.

Cafe Crumble is located at Kiesstrasse 41 in Frankfurt.  They are open every day.  Go check it out.  Its definitely worth a visit, and a taste sampling!!

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