Sunday, August 14, 2016

Solo Adventure to SWEDEN

Hi all!!

Right now, I am actually off to Stockholm, Sweden as we speak.  My solo trip of the summer, for one week.  I fly today, August 13 and will return to Germany on Saturday, August 20.

I am SUPER excited, though slightly anxious too.  I always get a little nervous before I travel solo, worried that I might not like it, or that I will feel lonely.  Always silly, pointless worries, as I have never feel this way when traveling alone.  Just the opposite.  During my last two solo travels, first to Italy and then to Portugal, I felt totally liberated, excited, free, at peace, and very much enjoyed myself.

Traveling with a close friend, a family member with whom you have a good relationship, or a romantic partner, this is always the bomb.  You have someone to talk with, share the moments and experiences with, company in general, I love it (as I imagine most of you would agree with me).

However, there is something equally as awesome but in different ways, to traveling alone.  You can do whatever you like, not having to worry about or cater to your travel partners wants and needs.  Sometimes, this is a great feeling.  Its thrilling and confidence boosting to travel alone, realizing that you can navigate an adventure alone, that you are brave and resourceful, and even more cool, that you ENJOYED yourself doing it!  There is something wildly freeing about being able to do whatever you feel like in that moment, go wherever you might like to explore, sit if you might like to, linger for a while, or continue to wander, all without having to consult someone else.  All just because you feel like it.

I also am a firm believer that its equally as important to garner joy and peace from ones own company just as much as from with others.  Its a wonderful thing to feel contentment and happiness within your own company too.  Over the past few years, I have come to love this.  I love spending time with my wonderful friends, which I do almost daily.  But equally as much, I love my alone time too.

Hence, my solo trip of this summer, Sweden.

Stay tuned for blog entries full of details and photos when I return!!!!

In the meantime, follow me on Instagram to get a sneak peek as to what I am up to over there in Sweden during this week!

Have you ever travelled alone? If yes, what was your experience like??

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