Friday, August 12, 2016

Rockin Rudesheim am Rhine with my sister

Check out where my sister and I were just a couple of weeks ago.  The video is courtesy of Lexie and her high-tech, fabulous phone ;-)  Love this.

The famous Drosselgasse street

So, on Monday, July 18, my sister and I hopped on a train to Rudesheim am Rhine.  For those of you who haven't heard of this gem of a town, I highly recommend you head here, and quick.  In fact, this place makes the cut as #10 on this list of fairy-tale must see towns in Germany.

Tickets from Frankfurt to Rudesheim (depending on if you have a monthly Frankfurt transportation pass or not) run from around 7 euro one way to 12 euro one way.  A steal to spend the day in this tiny, fairy-tale town if you ask me.  The ride is just slightly over one hour.

So, what makes Rudesheim so special?  Its a quaint, tiny little town.  Vineyards line the hills that makeup the perimeter of the city.  The Rhine river sparkles through the center.  The Drosselgasse, one of the most famous streets in all of Europe, lives here in Rudesheim.  This is a gorgeous little street with ornate, intricate, eye-catching awnings hanging from storefronts, loads of charming and utterly gorgeous restaurants, and loads of Germanic, traditional, beautiful architecture.  While this street does tend to get packed with tourists by mid-day, its a worthwhile stroll earlier in the morning (I would recommend between 8am-10:30am) or in the later afternoon when the tourist count might be slightly less...overun.

At the top of the Drosselgasse and just to the right, one can hop abroad a tiny gondola (reminiscent of riding in a tin can of sorts) that will whisk you to the top of the imposing hill within the town.  This offers one breathtaking views of Rudesheim and the Rhine valley below.  This just costs 7 euro round trip, really affordable.

Once back down in Rudesheim after drinking in the awe-inspiring views from atop the large hill, we explored the town itself which is charming and lovely.  The buildings are all old, Germanic and marvelous.  I love this little town.  Each storefront and building is super sweet and just begging to be photographed.

If you haven't yet been to Rudesheim, I highly recommend you head over there.  The perfect time to visit this sweet little town would be anytime between April and October.  As I mentioned, the trip is just one hour from Frankfurt and only costs between 14 and 25 euro round trip (depending on if you have a monthly train pass or not).  The city is small, easily explored in a day, totally gorgeous and inviting.  A hop, skip and a jump away for a day of sightseeing and relaxing in a magical little German town.

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